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Choose a technical term in your field

Choose a technical term in your field and write an extended definition for a targeted audience, such as a new hire, a client, or other non-technical audience. The key here is making a technical term understandable to a "non-expert." Your definition should be designed to fulfill a particular purpose. Carefully review the information in Chapter 7 of your text for guidelines on writing your definition and refer to pages 247–250 for model extended definitions. Your definition should be double spaced and approximately three to four paragraphs.


You certainly cannot expect that someone else is going to write this for you (I would hope), so you need to be specific about what question you have about this assignment.

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Nancy A. | Professional Writer/Editor Specializing in Writing and CompositionProfessional Writer/Editor Specializing ...
Hi there, 
What are you explaining and who is your audience? If you want to take a stab at your answer and post I would be happy to help. As a technical writer my specialty is transforming technical language and topics into layman's terms.