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Chemical Reaction with density?

I was given the equation: NaN3 --> Na2 + N2, which I balanced to:2NaN3 --> 2Na2 + 3N2 (I hope that is correct) a) Determine the number of grams of N2 are produced by the decomposition of... more
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what is the structure of glutamic acid and lysine at pH 2 and pH 11?

what is the structure of glutamic acid and lysine at pH 2 and pH 11?
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Two solutions: one has pH=2 and the other has pH=4

pH=2  pH=4 
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Chemical Formula for osmium (III) chlorate

I put Os3(Cl0)3 as an answer for the chemical formula for osmium (III) chlorate on my review and got it wrong. So all I can think is that it must be  Os(ClO3)3 or Os(ClO4)3 but why?
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chemical formula created when radium (88) bonds with phosphorus (15).

i need the answer for this 
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I contain a total of 10 atoms of carbon, hydrogen What is my formula?

I contain a total of 10 atoms of carbon, hydrogen What is my formula?


Sodium benzoate in carbonated beverages

Sodium benzoate is a common food preservative and can be commonly found in the ingredient list of carbonated beverages. Carbonated beverages also contain phosphoric acid and are highly acidic.... more


Write a balanced equation

What would be the balanced equation for the synthesis of benzoic acid using the Gignard reagent, phenylmagnesium bromide? 
Chemical Formula


Write the following numbers in scientific notation. (a) 291.7 (b) 0.0960

Taking an open book exam 
Chemical Formula Chemistry Ions


What part of the chemical formula tells you how many of each ion you have?

Explain please

Please help me with this!!

Oxygen is composed of three isotopes: oxygen-16, oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 and has an average atomic mass of 15.9980 amu. Oxygen-17 has a mass of 16.992 amu and makes up 0.035% of oxygen. Oxygen-16... more


how can i work out to find the correct answer ? can you please explain

According to the following reaction, how many grams of bromine will be formed upon the complete reaction of 30.1 grams of bromine trifluoride?bromine trifluoride (g) bromine (g) + fluorine (g)

Name of solid produced by the reaction ammoniacal sliver nitrate with carbonyl compound

What is the name of the solid that is formed when ammoniacal silver nitrate reacts with a carbonyl compound?   need help please 

the reactions of amines and it's solubility

How does the solubility in water differ for the nitrogen containing compounds? Suggest reasons for this.What would you expect the solubility in non-aqueous solvents to be? Does your answer to this... more


Equations for carboxylic acid

Write an equation for the reaction of ethyl ethanoate with dilute acid, Write a separate equation for the reaction of ethyl ethanoate with dilute alkali. Which one is the preferred method of... more

skeletal equation of carboxylic reactions

Write a skeletal equation for the reaction of ethanoyl chloride with phenyl amine (represented as R-NH2). What is the chemical term for the bond formed between the two reagents? What term might... more


Reactions of Carboxylic acids

Compare the reactions of ethanoic acid and ethanoyl chloride with ethanol. Explain the differences in their reactions.


Equation for carboxylic acids and their derivatives

Write an equation for the reaction of ethanoic acid with sodium carbonate. How does this reaction compare with that of hydrochloric acid with sodium carbonate?   They look into: What does this... more


How many grams are formed?

Iron(III) oxide is formed when iron combines with oxygen in the air. How many grams of Fe2O3 are formed when 25.9 g of Fe reacts completely with oxygen? 4Fe(s) + 3 O2(g) → 2Fe2O3(s)  a.12.0... more
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CHEMISTRY!! The percent composition--Given. Chemical formula-- Find.

The percent composition of a common product in industry and present in kichen is 27.37% Na, 120% H, 14,3% C and 57,14% O.Its plain formula and molecular formula is the same. Determine its chemical... more
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To which group in the periodic table does element M belong?

A certain element M is a main group metal that reacts with chlorine to give a compound with the chemical formula MCl2 and oxygen to give the compound MO. To which group in the periodic table does... more
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fuction of anhydrous calcium chloride

 state the function of anhydrous calcium chloride
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How many miles of P4 are needed to produce 10.5L at STP

The balanced equation is  8P4 + 3S8 ---> 8P4S3

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