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Rahman W.

asked • 10/05/18

very tough chem question

What is the kinetic energy (in kJ mol-1) of a hypothetical gas with molecular weight 16.2 g mol-1 at a temperature of 48.7 °C? Do not try to identify the gas.

1 Expert Answer


Arturo O.

The problem did not state the number of degrees of freedom of the gas.  Assuming the gas molecules have only 3 degrees of freedom (translation in the x, y, and z directions, with no vibrational or rotational kinetic energy), then 
KE = 3(nRT/2)
as in J.R.S.' solution.  Without more information, it is reasonable to assume 3 degrees of freedom.  However, the more general solution, with N degrees of freedom, is
KE = N(nRT/2)


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