Connor G.

asked • 04/03/18

Its a multiple choice I have C,D,F,G right now a classmate has C,D, ? PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY

A 35g piece of  copper is warmed 45 to 55 C and placed in beaker (A) containing 100ml of alchohol at 25C. A 3tg sample of liquid water is warmed from 45 to 55C and placed in a second beaker (b) containing 100ml alchohol at 25C.
Circle the following correct statements:
A) The temp of alcohol in both beakers will decrease
B) The temp of alcohol in Beaker A will decrease and temp in beaker B will increase
C) The temp of alchohol in both beakers will increase
D) Eventually, the copper and alcohol in Beaker A will reach the same temp
E) the amount of heat transferred from the copper to the alchohol in beak A will be less than the amount of heat transferred from the water to the alchohol in beaker B
F) The copper and liquid will release the same amount of energy to the alchohol in each beaker
G) if the beakers were completely insulated from the surrounding enviornment, the temp of the alcohol in each beaker would eventually be the same

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