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more hits than Sanchez. Find the number of hits for each player. Washington had nothing hits. Sanchez had nothing hits.

Two minor league baseball players got a total of 320 hits. Washington had 6 more hits than Sanchez. Find the number of hits for each player.Washington had nothing hits. Sanchez had nothing hits.


The diagonal of a square is 20 cm. What is the length of the side of this square?

Give your answer as an exact surd in its simplest form.  


give solution

The population of a village was 4000 in january 2014.Since then if the population increased by 10% every yer, what would be the population of the village in january 2017?


1 meter square=100Rs. .500meter square=?

1 meter square=100Rs.     .500meter square= ?   Please give me answer.


give solution

A train leaves statoin A at 8:00 hrs to reach station B at 09:30 hr ,travelling at 90 km/hr at 10 hr it leaves station B and travels at 110 km/hr to reach station C at 12hrs.what was the average... more


a man has 50 rupees . out of that he spent 20rupees for tiifn..balance will be 30 rupees out of 30 he spend 15 rupees for drinks,, he will have a balance of 15

out of 15 he spent 9 rupees for cakes.. balance 6 rupees will be there.. he spent 6 rupees for pens.. now if his spendings will put together coming as 51 rupees how?


how many liters of oil are in the tank?

A cylindrical tank is halve-full of oil.   The cylinder has a base radius of 100cm. The height of the cylinder is 250cm.   1 litre = 1000cm3


The sum of 3 consecutive even numbers is 78. What is the second number in this sequence?

I don't know the formula of this question? Can you please explain to me. 


Elimination Methods

5x - 3y = 20 & 2x + 3y = 15   Hi, How do I solve this equation using the elimination method?  Thanks :) 


Sequence is defined by

The sequence x1,x2,x3,.. is defined by  x1 = 4 xn+1=3-(3/xn)     (n≥ 1) What is x46?


surface area of a rectangular prism of L=12cm, W= 8cm, H=4cm

I need help with this question for my exam revision that is coming up very soon


leave the question in polar form, please help. Thank you.



secant theta=3cosinetheta

please.........and thanks thomas


if 4tan = -3 and cos is positive, use a sketch to calculate the value of 5sin + 3cot

help me plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


differentiate y with the respect of x : Y=2x

I need help with this questions 


A snail moves 0.08 cm in 1 second. How long will it take to move 5 metres

I would love to know how to work out this very tricky maths worded problem but i need a little help.


The fredricks

The fredricks are going to put wall paper on one of the walls in their bedrooms. Their bedroom wall is 12 m wide and 3m high. Each roll of wall paper is 6m long and 75 cm wide. How many rolls of... more


Find the value of n.

a wholesaler sold n bars for (n+1) cents each. On the following day she doubled the price but sold 2 bars less. The amount of the money take on each day was the same. Find the value of n.


whats bigger 6.01 or 6.1?

please help


which number can divide both 43 and 57 without leaving a remainder?

A number that can divide 43 and 57 and leave no remainder. Ultimately I want to find the ratio of the two numbers.


What is the second number

The sum of three numbers is 123 The second number is 4 times the first  The third number is 12 less than the second number 


How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2?

i am doing a graph plotting in volume and temperature it has asked: How do you calculate rate of expansion of gas with temperature with a gradient of the line being 0.2? 
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