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Significant Digits Physics


Significant digits question

182.516 + 13.1 + 8.0004 = 203.6164My Answer was 204 because the least accurate number has 3 sig digitsBut my physics books answer was 203.6?


Question about how significant digits work in chemistry.

I'm doing my online chemistry summer class and significant digits are included, of course. But I'm confused about them because everything I believe is being contradicted. Here's what I... more
Significant Digits Physics Significant Figures


Does 60 have one significant digit or two?

 This is for physics
Significant Digits Mathematics


Mathematics doubts

the value of 124.2+52.487 with due regard to significant places is ?
Significant Digits


7.100 x 10 to the power of 5

The number of significant digits and implied precision of the given number
Significant Digits Rounding


Rounding numbers to significant figures?

 is 0.000319 the right answer for rounding 0.0003192 so it contains 3 significant figures?
Significant Digits


how many significant digits are there in the number 180.200?

 In the number 180.200, how many significant digits are there?

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