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Angles Geometry


Chandelier / chain

a chandelier hangs on a 48 foot chain from a high ceiling. If the chandelier is pulled aside so that the chain forms a 26.8° angle with its vertical position, how much is the chandelier raised... more
Angles Degrees


Angles in college algebra

Solve for x then find the measure of each angle. (2x+6)degrees [2(8x-3)]degrees
Angles Geometry


Angles (Angles Relationship)

1) Two angles are complementary. If one of the angles measures (2x-14) and the other (3x-6) find the value of x. Then find the measure of each angle. 2) use the diagram below to solve for each... more


What is the measure of each interior angle of a regular pentagon?

The answers include 36°, 72°, 108°, 120°, 144°


Need math help, please! Proof

Given: Quadrilateral has diagonal  which splits the quadrilateral into two congruent isosceles triangles.Prove:  is a rhombus.
Angles Geometry


Geometry angles

The measure of angle 2 is twelve less than five times the measure of angle 1. If angle 1 and angle 2 form a linear pair, find the measure of angle 2.
Angles Geometry


Geometry angles

The measure of angle G is six more than twice the measure of angle H. If angle G and angle H are complementary angles, find m angle H.m angle H=
Angles Geometry


Geometry angles

If QS bisects PQR, m PQS=(7×-6)° and m SQR= (4x +15)° find m PQT


∠ABC is a 40∘ angle. Point A is at (7, 1) Point B is at (3, 2) Point C is at (8, -1)

If ∠ABC is rotated 180∘ about the origin, what are the new points on the image and what is the new angle degree measurement?
Angles Geometry


Can an angle ever have the same measure as its complement


The second angle of a triangle is 20 degrees greater than the first angle. The third angle is twice the second. Find the three angles.

I'm really bad at math, and I need some help understanding this.


Help finding length knowing angles

The angle of elevation of the sun is 64. A telephone pole that is inclined at an angle of 9 degrees (with the vertical) casts a shadow of 5.25 m on the ground. Calculate the approximate length of... more
Angles Geometry Polygon


A polygon with 2 acute angles and2 obtuse


A polygon with 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles


I need major help on this word problem

In a triangle, the measure of the first angle is twice the measure of the second angle.The measure of the third angle is 8 degrees less than the measure of the second angle. What is the measure of... more


What is the value of p

Exterior and remote interior angles


geometry proofs

Given: <DCA is congruent to <BCA, <B is congruent to <DProve: segment AB is congruent to segment AD
Angles Math


In a triangle, if the second angle is 2 times the first angle and the third angle is 3 times the first angle, find the angles of a triangle.

I understand angles etc very well, but I have no idea how to solve questions like this except with trial and error, which would take a while. Thank you.
Angles Geometry


How would I set up this equation?

One angle is y° on angle is 2x° and the last angle is 76°, how would I form this equation and solve for both x and y?


how would I solve for csc theta = 2.3 on my calculator and get an answer in degrees?

cscΦ = 2.3   How would I find theta in degrees using my graphing calculator. Would I just use sin on both sides to cancel out theta or would I have to do something else?

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