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Regular polygon

If the angle at the centre is 18°, how many sides a regular polygon must have to get the angle at the centre to 18°.


Algebra homework help

Mr. N divided the octagon into eight congruent isosceles triangles. What are the measurements of the three angles in each isosceles triangle?If you divide a decagon into ten congruent isosceles... more


Finding three angles.

Three adjacent angles form 140°. The largest one is twice the smaller,the middle angle is 24 more than the smallest
Polygon Math Geometry


how do i solve this?

a regular polygon has angles that are 17 how many sides does it have?
Polygon Geometry Angles


A polygon with 2 acute angles and2 obtuse



word problem polygon

92. how many sides does a regular polygon have if the angles are 24 degree.93. determine the number of sides in a polygon if the sum of the interior angles is 1620 degree.

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