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Angles Geometry


Ray EC bisects angle BED , m angle AEB =11x-12 and m angle CED= 4x+1. Find m angle AEC.

Description of how to draw the picture:   Draw a straight angle with endpoints (A) and endpoint (D). Put an endpoint in the middle of the line and name it (E). Draw a diagonal line going to the... more


Bearings - Size of the angle

I know that N ane E is 90º between each other but what is S and ESE? Apparently it's 67º30', I don't understand it, please help me!


rotate an image based on a cordinate

i need to rotate an image based on cordinate which moves 0 to 360 degree. i need to rotate the image to 90 degree, 180, 270 and 360 degree based on the location of coordinate. which equation i can... more


I'm so confused with this, please help me! TRIGONOMETRY

1-2. Roxy and Heaven are standing at the seashore 10 miles apart. The coastline is a straight line between them. Both can see tuhe same ship in the water. The angle between the coastline and the... more


Why does height=a (sin C)?

In a random triangle why is it the formula A=ab (sinC)? Why does it work
Angles Triangle


Given the following conditions, describe how to determine whether or not a unique triangle is formed.

Side: 5 cm Side: 6 cm Non-included angle: 30 degrees


Trig Angle Approximations

Angles α and β are between 0° and 360° with cos α = -0.9063 and tan β = -0.4877.Which of the following is a possible (approximate) value for α + β? A) 51° B) 129° C) 309° D) 361° E) 669°



from the top of a building a person spots two boats out on the lake. the angle of depression from the person to one of the boats is 48 degrees, the angle of depression from the person to the other... more


length of a wire making angle of 58°

A wire is stretched from the top of a 112 foot tall building to the ground below, making an angle of 58° with the ground. How long is the wire?


The four angles in a quadrilateral measure 5x-2, 2x, 40-x, 2x+10

How do I complete this problem? The four angles in a quadrilateral measure 5x-2, 2x, 40-x, 2x+10. The answers are 1°,78°,88°,193°.  Can someone explain how I get to the answer?  


How can I complete this problem? The three angles in a triangle measure 8b, b+20, and 40+3b.

I just need an explanation on how to complete the problem. My teacher gave us answers, but not how to get to the answers and I'm very confused. The answer is "30°, 70°, and 80°". Thank you!


Point A = (-4,3) Point B = (2,1) Point C = (-2,-3) Find the size of angle BAC?

I know that the length of AC and AB is sqrt40 and the length of BC is sqrt32. Where do I go from here?


let x represent the measurement of an acute angle in degrees.The ratio of the complement of x to the supplement of x is 2:5.Guess to determine the value of x.

and explain why you got the awnser. That is the question but i dot understand it HELP ME SOLE IT PLEASE


the ratio the measurement of an angle to its complement is 1:2 . Find the measurement of the angle and its complement.

Can you please help me solve this?

Can someone help me with this problem?

the measure of angle A is 12 degrees more than three times the measure of angle B. If A and B are supplementary angles, find the measure of angle A.
Angles Circles


Find AC in the circle

The angle is inscribed in a circle. Angle ABC=40 degrees. What is the angle AC equal

how to find side lengths of a parallelogram

A parallelogram has sides of lengths 5 and 9, and one angle is 31°.   What is the length of the smaller diagonal?   What is the length of the longer diagonal?     your answer should be... more


How many degrees?

How many degrees does the minute hand of an analogue clock rotate from 3:20 pm to 3:45 pm?


Finding the angles in a triangle

Given the triangle of the roof, if the two bottom angles are the same measure, and the top angle is four more than three times as much as the other two angles, determine each angle measurement


What is the last step in made in constructing an angle that is congruent to another angle

What is the last step made in constructing an angle that is congruent to another angle 

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