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The interior angle of a regular polygon measures 150 degrees. How many sides does this polygon have?

How do i solve this?
Angle Measure


10 foot above ground high bracket that angles 78 degrees. How high will it be above ground 20 feet away?

Trying to figure a lean to structure 
Angle Measure Precalculus Trigonometry


Draw an angle measure -32π/9 in standard position

Please show all work
Angle Measure


What is angle NLM if angle NLM = 4x - 8, angle KLM = 6x - 7, and angle NLK = 65

  the question 


What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures x degrees and the second angle measures y degrees?

This is a question on my homework and I don't know how to solve it.
Angle Measure


?1 is in a triangle whose other two angles are marked. The sum of the measures of those two marked angles is

what does this mean?
Angle Measure


Find the area of a sprinkler system waters if its radius is 8 m and covers an angle of 150°. Round the answer to one decimal place.

I am here to check if my answer is correct. Since, my teacher didn't gave us the solution for this problem. I hope you can help me with this problem. Thank you in advance
Angle Measure Shapes


What is the sum of the measures of the angles in a decagon? How would you generalize this result to a polygon with x sides?

A decagon is a 10-sided polygon.
Angle Measure Algebra 2 Trigonometry Angle


area of triangle w/ algebra

how do you find the angle of a triangle with sides (6u-1) and (1u) and an area of 5cm^2 ?      there was a question like this in a test i did but i couldn't work out the answer.. help?
Angle Measure


Find the measure of an angle between 0 degrees and 360 degrees that is coterminal to 372 degrees

Find the measure of an angle between 0 degrees and 360 degrees that is coterminal to 372 degrees.
Angle Measure Trigonometry Circles Angles


(a) Find the angular speed of the wheel sprocket. (b) Find the speed of the bicycle. (Assume that the wheel turns at the same rate as the wheel sprocket.)

The sprockets and chain of a bicycle areshown in the figure. The pedal sprocket has a radius of 4 in.,the wheel sprocket a radius of 2 in., and the wheel a radius of13 in. The cyclist pedals at 40... more


Projectile Motion Help!!

I completed a lab where in a group each member took a turn jumping and the length of the jump as well as the time in the air during the jump. I'm stuck on my final question and am not sure how to... more
Angle Measure


When a transversal is perpendicular to two parallel lines, all the angles formed measure 90. Explain why

Hello I have no further explanations  
Angle Measure Math


what are the same measurments

what is the answer  
Angle Measure


determining angles

the measure of angle A is 4 degrees greater than the measure of angle B.  The 2 angles are complementary.  Find the measure of each angle.
Angle Measure Geometry


What must be true about angle CML?

Angle CMW and angle WML together form angle CML. Angle CMW is a right angle. What must be true about angle CML? A. It is an obtuse angle B. It is a straight angle C. Its measure is greater than... more
Angle Measure Angle Graphing Vector


Applications of the Dot Product (Vectors)

Determine the angle between vector PQ and the positive x-axis, given endpoints P(4,7) and Q (8,3)


Parallelogram angles?

Do the angles of a parallelogram have a certain measure or do they just have different measures in each problem?

Precalc Question -- Find Angle Measure in Radians for -0.6 Rotations

What angle measure, in radians, corresponds to −0.6 rotations around a unit circle? (Round your answer to two decimal places.) The book gives the answer (-3.77) but not the process of how to get... more

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