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What is y= -3/5x-4 standard form using integers?

I have not learned yet how to convert slope-intercept form to standard form. Any help will be appreciated.  


How many possible outcomes are there for this?

I am providing a "decision tree" for my website developer - as he builds a "calculator" on our site. If there are 3 questions, with these number of possible answers for each question - how many... more
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A barge travelled 17.5 miles upstream in 7 hours. The return trip took 5 hours. What is the speed of the barge in still water?

Question on Algebra EOC Practice. I have been trying to solve this for awhile, can't figure it out. Please help.
Algebra Help


Find x: 2(-x-1)+6=-8x-5(x-1)-x in four step answer: Deleting paranthesis > Moving variables & numbers > add/sub > final answer

And how to go about finding the solution for this type of equation overall?
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A boy's coins, consisting of nickels and dimes, amount to $2.15. If the # of dimes exceeds 3 times the # of nickels by 4, find the # of each coin

I don't understand the wording of the question, and how I'm suppose to make the equation


Need Help understanding and Solving a Linear Equation word Problem (3 step)

The number of prisoners under sentence of death was 3189 prisoners in 2012 and has decreased by about 38 prisoners per year since then. Let p be the number of death-row prisoners at y years since... more
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How would you rearrange this formula to isolate v? d=vt+1/2at^2

The 1/2 is a fraction and the ^2 is an exponent. Please help me solve this!
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What is the outlier of this data set?

4 24 26 30 35 38 43 48 52 54 59 64  What is the outlier or is there none. I did the problem and got none but it was incorrect please help and give the correct answer. 
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What is the 40th percentile? PLZ help!

 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 89 89 89 89 89  What is the 40th percentile?     I got 4 but it was incorrect please help im stuck. I really appreciate it!!!
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Use completing the square to change the form of the function.

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What was the average speed of the southbound train?

A train leaves a station at 11am, heading north. Another train, 320 km away, leaves at the same time, heading south. The average speed of the train heading north is 20 km/hr faster than that of the... more
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How do u solve x^2+4x+3=0

I could really use help on this algebra question 
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Double check my work: Use the formula for future value, A = P(1 + rt), and elementary algebra to find the missing quantity.

Please double check my work and help me understand anything I did wrong if answer incorrect. This is what I got: 1800 Use the formula for future value, A = P(1 + rt), and elementary algebra to... more
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College Pre Calc Help!

The equation of a line is written in standard form.(a) Solve the equation for y.(b) Write a formula f(x) for a function whose graph is the given line.     3x+y= 7   (a) y= ___ (b) f(x)=... more


HELP 9th Grade Algebra ll Word Problem

QSR, Quality Service Research, Magazine studied drive-through times for fast food restaurants and Wendy's had the best time, with a mean time spent in the drive-through of 138.5 seconds. Assume... more
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the houston family kept a log of the distance they hiked throughout the day and the data is represented below.

elapsed time      1        2       4      6        8      10 distance walked  4       11     18     23      35     39   what is the average speed the family walked from the first hour to the... more
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x^2 - 2x + 9 = 0...find the discriminant & determine types of solutions?

x2 - 2x + 9 = 0   A.)Find discriminant & determine types of solutions B.)Solve with with quadratic formula
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Probability question

Ms. Sanchez receives a shipment of 45 calculators, but 2 of them are defective. Ms. Sanchez asks a student to test the calculators.What is the probability that the first two calculators tested are... more
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Algebra - Probability

There are 750 students in a school, and every student is enrolled in at least one class. The number of students in each class follows.A total of 600 students are taking English.A total of 500... more
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Algebra - Transformations word problem

A scientist sets up a pipette he will use to drip a chemical into a beaker full of water. The concentration of the chemical in the beaker over time is modeled by C(x), where x is time in minutes.... more
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Equation to calculate what you would need to get a 98 average

What equation would you use to calculate what grade you would need to get a grade of a 98 average?   Ex.   If you have a 1st semester average of 89. What 3rd and 4th quarter grades would you... more
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Algebra Homework Help

The base of a triangular flower bed is 14 feet. The area of the flower bed is no more than 112 square feet. Represent possible heights of the flower bed using a graph.   How do I solve this step... more
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Find the slope of line t

Line s crosses through the points (−3, 6) and (−3, 9). Line t is perpendicular to line s and crosses through the point (−2, 1). Find the slope of line t. (If an answer is undefined, enter... more
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Algebra Help

Nine more than k exceeds 24. How do I translate this?
1 3 5 6 7 42

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