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Simplify: (4 + 5i) -2(1 - 3i)

I have tried to solve this over and over again and keep getting answers that are way too big. A) 3 + 2i B) 2 + 2i C) 2 + 8i D) 2 - i 

Compute the corresponding z-value for the following situation:

A newspaper claims that 52% of voters will vote for a particular candidate in an upcoming election. A random survey of 1000 voters shows that 48% will vote for that candidate, with a standard... more


find the depth of the water from the pool surface to the bottom of the deep end of the pool

A swimming pool is 35 feet long and 15 feet wide. This pool has a beach entry which means that the bottom of the pool is a steady gradual slant. The water depth increases with an angle of... more

Find the exact value of tangent for the angle in standard position with the terminal side located at A.

A) -1 B) 1  C) 0 D) undefined E) none of these

Find sin theta if tan theta = sqrt3 / 3, and falls in quadrant 2

Answer choices: A) sin theta = -1/2 B) sin theta = 1/2 C) sin theta = sqrt3/2 D) sin theta = - sqrt3/2

Find cos T if sin T = 2/3

Assume the terminal side of the angle falls in Quadrant 2. Show all work.

Please determine the amplitude, period(in hours), and determine the mid-line (write in an equation)?

At midnight the water at a particular beach is at high tide. At the same time a gauge at the end of a pier reads 10 feet. Low tide is reached at 6 AM when the gauge reads 4ft.


Which answer is extraneous? Why is it extraneous

log 2 (the 2 is in the bottom)x+log2( the two is in the bottom)(x-2)=3


What is the degree measure of angle AOB?

In a circle with a radius of 5cm and is centered at point O, angle AOB intercepts arc AB. Arc AB has a length of 10cm. What is the degree measure of angle AOB? Round to the nearest hundredth
Alegbra 2


i need help

The area of a rectangular plot 32 feet long and 25 feet wide will be doubled by adding an equal width to each side of the plot. Which equation can be used to find this added width?


Is this a counterexample to the converse or to the contrapositive?

Let p be "Cody wins his tennis match" and q be "Cody will go to the state tournament."Suppose Cody goes to the state tournament but he does not win his tennis match.
Alegbra 2 Geometry Precalculus


Is this a counterexample to the inverse or to the contrapositive?

Let p be "it is raining" and q be "the track meet will be canceled."Suppose it is not raining and the track meet is canceled. Is this a counterexample to the inverse or to the contrapositive?
Alegbra 2 Calculus Precalculus


a_n=4a_(n-1)+3 if a1 = 2

**** the _ is to indicate the subscript.


Find the sum of the infinite series

there's an infinite sign over the E and j-1 on the bottom then beside it it is 4*0.5j-1   please help I know that may be very... more
Alegbra 2


Algebra II help

Amy and Katie have between $125 and $200 dollars to spend on jewelry for Christmas presents for their friends. If they buy 8 bracelets at $3.50 each and 6 necklaces at $12 each, how many pairs of... more
Alegbra 2 Precalculus Honors


If 900 pounds of materials are placed in the vault, how much time would need to pass for only 357 pounds to remain?

The function A = A0e-0.01155x models the amount in pounds of a particular radioactive material stored in a concrete vault, where A0 is the original amount of material and x is the number of years... more
Alegbra 2


If f(x)=x^2+1 and g(x)=x–4, which value is equivalent to (f*g)(10)?

 the value has to be equivalent to (f*g)(10) 
Alegbra 2


This is a Word Problem for Alegbra 2, details below

There are Quintuplets, 9 years old. A. 10 combinations of 2 sisters In pounds 129, 125 124, 123 122, 121 120, 118 116, 114   What does each girl weigh?
Alegbra 2 Math Help


When solving a piece-wise function. Can I plug in any value I want for x?

I am currently studying piece-wise functions for a final and I was wondering if I could plug in any value for x for example:f(x)+{2x-2, if x<-3} and I mean x as in the x next to the 2. I... more
Alegbra 2


A box is made from 12 by 12. The volume is modeled by the polynimal 4x^3-28x^2+48x. Factor the polynimal to determine the dimensions of the box and its volume

This is a word problem that includes factoring a polynomial to find dimensions of a box. The box is without a lid is made from 12 by 12 inch pieces of aluminum by cutting same squares from each corner more
Alegbra 2


what is the positive solution of the equation x^2=2x+35? solve by factoring.

its a word problem kinda but i don't know what techique to use in algebra 2.

Word problem

Roscoe hit a ball straight up at a speed of 110 ft/sec. His bat hit the ball at a height of 3 feet above the ground. After how many seconds did the ball hit the ground?
Alegbra 2


What is the equation of the line that contains the point (2,5) and is parallel to the line y=3x+2?

I really need help
Alegbra 2


4x+y=6 (-3,-5)

Need help

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