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Compute the corresponding z-value for the following situation:

A newspaper claims that 52% of voters will vote for a particular candidate in an upcoming election. A random survey of 1000 voters shows that 48% will vote for that candidate, with a standard... more


Test significance of the correlation between the General Weighted Average and the daily allowance of junior students at ? =0.05.

GWA of Junior Students (Non-Working)/ Daily Allowance1.9 /1502.3/ 1202.2 /1102.9 /1001.4/ 1002.4 /1001.7/ 1002.4 /1002.1 /1002 /802.4 /802 /801.2/ 753.2 /752.4 /702.5 /701.1 /701.3 /702.8 /702.8... more
Hypothesis And Conclusion Statistics Statistics Question


Need help in solving these questions!

How do you solve these problems in Statistics? The topic is about Testing the Difference between two population means case of two independent samples. I really am finding it hard to solve these... more
Hypothesis And Conclusion Math Statistics P Value


Null/Alternative hypothesis, Test Statistics, P-Value, Conclusion

1. Listed below are the number of years it took for a random sample of college students to earn a bachelor's degree. At the .05 significance level, test the claim that it takes the average student... more

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