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Alegbra 2


.How do I start with this problem?

You and a friend take turns driving a 450 mile trip. Your friend drives for 3.5 hours at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. What must your average speed be for the remainder of the trip if you... more
Alegbra 2


You buy $52 worth of flowers. You buy 12 flowers. Calla lillies cost $3,50 each and peonies cost $5,50 each. How many calla lilles and peonies did you buy?

Just an Algebra review. I am not sure how to set this up.
Alegbra 2


Evaluate (2/3)^-2

Algebra 2
Alegbra 2


word problem with inconsistant and dependents

A florist is creating 10 centerpieces for a wedding, each containing 12 flowers. Each piece will contain roses that are $2.50 each lilies that cost $4 each and iris that cost $2 each. The budget is... more
Alegbra 2


Solve. Check for extraneous solutions: 5/x = 4/x-3

pleaseeee helpppp
Alegbra 2


Solve. Check for extraneous solutions: (1/r-2) - (1/r^2-7r+10) = (6/r-2)

pleaseeeee helppppppp!!!!!!
Alegbra 2


add: (5/x^2-x-6) + (4/x^2+4x+4)

pleaseeeee help meee
Alegbra 2


Solve. Check the solution. (2/x-1) = (x+4/3)

helpppp pleaseee need answer quick
Alegbra 2


What is the solution to 2logx-log3=log3

The equation is using the power rule.
Alegbra 2


Show full work (3-2i) + (9+5i) and (3-2i) - (9+5i) and (3-2i)(9+5i)




An alarm system has six fail-safe components. The probability of each component failing is 0.05 (5%).What is the probability that all 6 components are in working order?



Suppose you randomly select one T-shirt and one pair of pants from your closet. If 3 of the 12 T-shirts are blue and 4 of the 8 pair of pants are khakis, what is the probability that you wear a... more
Alegbra 2


Algebra 2 I'm behind on my work and need help....trying get this turn in by tomorrow

5-4 Factoring Quadratic Expressions A)3a²+9 B)25b² -- 35 C)x²-2x D)14y²+7y   Factor each expression E) X²+3X +2 D)D² -12D +27 F) y² +5x +6 G) 2x² -19x+ 24  
Alegbra 2


Conic sections

Write an equation in standard form for the ellipse with vertices (8, 13+2??21) and (8, 13-2??21), and co-vertices (2,13) and (14,13)   ??=radical sign thank you!
Alegbra 2


a particular scale is 155.2 lbs. The measured weight may vary from the actual weight by at most 0.4 lbs. What is the range of actual weights of the object?

A) 154.8>=X>= 155.6 B) 154.8<=X<= 155.6 C) X<= 154.8 or x>= 155.6 D) 154.8 >= X<= 155.6 
Alegbra 2


how you factor binomials?

this is something that i learned few years ago but i forgot and i really need help with college homework thanks


Whats the maximum height the diver will reach?

Suppose h(t)=-5t2+10t+3 is an expression giving the height of a diver above the water in meters, t seconds after the diver leaves the springboard. Answer the following questions a.the height of... more


How many texting citations and how many speeding tickets were issued?

During one calendar year, a state trooper issued a total of 425 citations for either texting while driving or speeding. Of these, there were 167 more speeding tickets than texting citations. How... more
Alegbra 2


please help!!

WRITE THE RESULT IN FORM: a+bi  Add or subtract.  a. 6i-4i b. -i-3i c. (4i)+(2+8i)   Multiply.  a. 2(3i) b. -4(5i)  c. 2(6+8i)  d. 2i(3+5i)
Alegbra 2


please help!

What is the vertex and y-intercept of g(x)=3x2(squared)+2x+1?
Alegbra 2


Word Problem

two common names for streets are Fourth Street and Main Street, with 16,534 streets bearing one of these names. There are 296 more streets named Fourth Street than Main Street. How many streets... more


A student gets paid to deliver newspaper after school. She earns $25 a day, plus an extra $0.75 for each newspaper

A student gets paid to deliver newspaper after school. She earns $25 a day, plus an extra $0.75 for each newspaper she delivers and $5 for each new customer she signs up for delivery. If d=days,... more


Which of the following is the function C(d) if C^-1 (e) = 10e + 3?

Which of the following is the function C(d) if C^-1 (e) = 10e + 3? A.) C(d) = d/10-3 B.) C(d) = 10d - 3 C.) C(d) = d+3/10 D.) C(d) = d-3/10

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