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Expressions And Equations Algebra 1


The perimeter of a rectangle is 61 centimeters.

The length is 4.1 centimeters longer than the width, w. Which equation can be used to find the width of this rectangle?
Expressions And Equations Algebra 1


The perimeter of a rectangle is 53 meters. The length is 2.3 meters longer than the width, w.

Which equation below can you use to solve for the width, w, of this rectangle?A. 2w + 2w + 2.3 = 53B. 2(2w) + 2.3w + 53C. 2w + 2(w + 2.3) = 53D. 2w + 2(w - 2.3) = 53
Expressions And Equations Algebra 1


What is the value of the variable w, when 3w = .8

.8 is also 4 over 5, so in other words 3w= 4/5
Expressions And Equations 7th Grade Math Common Core


need to solve a real world problem

Sally and her friend went to a restruant for dinner. The food total before tax and tip was $27. The tax rate is 8.9%. Sally also wants to add a 15% tip for excellent service before tax. how much is... more
Expressions And Equations


Simplify this expression 5v-13d+6+4v

Expressions And Equations


five more than the product of a number and four is equal to three less than the number

Expressions And Equations Algebra Expressions


whats the value of n

Three tanks A,B and C are used to store oil. Tank A contains "n" litres of oil. Tank B contains (n+150) litres of oil. Tank C is empty. Oil is pumped from Tank A and from Tank B into Tank C so that... more
Expressions And Equations


which of the following id equivalent to the expression

Expressions And Equations Word Problems


old navy sells jeans for 5/8 the price at gap. old navy sells jeans for $35. What is the price of jeans at gap?

( I need a expression with a awnser for this problem) asap please!
Expressions And Equations


expressions and equations

iSolve the following equation for x:   0.4(2x + 1/2) = 3[0.2x + (-2)] -4
Expressions And Equations


expressions and equations

Consider this equation:3(2x + 4) − 7 = −(x − 5) + 7xWhich statement regarding this equation is true?a. This equation has one solutionb. This equation is an identityc. This equation has no... more
Expressions And Equations


A taxi company charges its passengers a fee of $3.75 plus $2.25 per mile. Melissa’s taxi fare is $38.85. How many miles did Melissa ride in the taxi???

 fee of $3.75 plus $2.25 Per mile  taxi fare total is $38.85
Expressions And Equations


Sal purchased b bowls for $7.50 and paid $15 for shipping. The total cost of sal’s purchase was $75. How many bowls did he buy?

B bowls for $7.50 $15 for shipping  total cost was $75
Expressions And Equations


manney bought 4 movies for $78.00. Write and solve an equation to determine the cost of each movie.

6th grade mathexpeessions am day equations  Real world inequalities  
Expressions And Equations


custom t shop charges $8.00 per shirt plus a one time set up fee of $15.00. write an equation.

i need help, answering this question, please!
Expressions And Equations


Show a diagram of +'s and -'s that each expression could represent, then find the value of the expression (The first one is -7+6+(-2)=?)

We know how to get answer...-3 but we're not sure what the diagram of +'s and -'s that each expression could be means???  
Expressions And Equations


what is the equation for 4 less than 16 and 6 more

what is the equation for the following expression:   what is the expression for 4 less than 16 and 6 more
Expressions And Equations


Write three expressions that are equivalent to this expression: 1/2(12y +4) - 10y -13

One equation must be in standard form.
Expressions And Equations


One subtracted from ten times a number is 239

Turning it into a equation problem and solvinf 
Expressions And Equations


About a garden

A community is planning a rectangular garden.The width of the garden is 27/4 feet , and the perimeter of the garden is 37.5 ft.The community planners want to spread mulch on the entire garden. How... more
Expressions And Equations


(24)(-1/3)(1/4)(-27) Find the value of the expression

Need help explaining this to my 7th grader, please explain the process in 7th grade terms if possible.
Expressions And Equations


solve the following equation for r

Expressions And Equations Algebra 1 Word Problem


John and Sara worked 20 hours at their job. John worked 2.5 more hours then Sarah. Write an expression that for both john and sara.

Write any equation to express how many hours both john and sara worked.
Expressions And Equations


Mindy wants to buy several books that cost $10. She has a coupon for $6offher total cost. Write a e press ion to represent her total cost in dollars for B books

How do you figure the answer to this question 

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