Alesha V.

asked • 04/19/21

What are the effects of a C2 and C3 spinal cord injury?

A 20-year-old man suffered spinal cord injury at the C2 to C3 level as the result of a motorcycle accident.  

  1. Explain the effects of this man’s injury on ventilation and communication, sensorimotor function, autonomic nervous system function, bowel, bladder, and sexual function, and temperature regulation.  

Fiona R.

Alesha, you need to find a diagram of the nerves associated with C2 and C3. For example, the phrenic nerve is involved in breathing. Once you know the nerves, you can know the functions. Also, ask your professor is this is a complete or incomplete injury. It does change an expected outcome.


Geoff G.

Agreed. For example, communication is a broad term. The muscles of phonation are innervated by cranial nerves so they shouldn't be affected by the injury, but communication also involves gestures and without knowing the extent of the injury we can't see how seriously they'd be affected. Some of these functions can be spared - determine which parts of the nervous system control these functions and that will give you a good start


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