Amanda F.

asked • 02/16/21

Identify blood and lymphatic disorders question

For each of the following characteristics, identify the blood or lymphatic disorder(s) in which they occur:

NOTE: For most, I wrote down what I think occurs in these scenarios, I'm just wondering if they are correct and/or if I missed any other important disorders.

  1. Increased hematocrit without an actual increase in the number of red blood cells: This one I don't know....
  2. Involves both excessive bleeding and clotting: This is caused by disseminated intravascular coagulation.
  3. Characterized by primitive blast cells: Leukemia can cause this, acute leukemia especially
  4. Sex-linked bleeding disorder: Hemophilia A
  5. Megaloblastic RBCs: Megaloblastic anemia
  6. Increased production of erythrocytes with a high hematocrit, high EPO levels and low O2 saturation: Secondary Polycythemia
  7. A neoplastic disorder involving the red blood cells: Polycythemia vera, myeloproliferative neoplasms
  8. Generalized pruritus (itchy skin) is common: Hodgkin’s lymphoma, sometimes present in Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, though not to the same severe extent as Hodgkin’s, and can be present in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma

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Eric S. answered • 02/17/21

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Amanda F.

Thank you!


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