Asked • 08/01/19

is to + verb, "was to" + verb?

I've got a sentence that I can't quite well understand. My problem in the sentence is the "were to play" part.How does it change the meaning of the sentence? Does it mean that this was an action in the past that had not taken place?The sentence is:> These Jägers were to play a significant role in subsequent events.Another one:> This was the beginning of a civil war between the Whites and the Reds that was to last for nearly four months.Could someone help me to understand the idea of "am/are/is to" + verb | "was/were to" + verb | (etc..)? Any help would be appreciated!UPDATE:I've found an [article]( on using "is to" + verb and "are to" + verb. Is the explanation right in this article about the usage of this form?

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