Nikky C.

asked • 07/31/14

A super hero leaps from a building to capture a villain. The data from this leap is shown below

Time(seconds) .75 | 1.5 | 2 | 2.25 | 2.75 | 3.5
Height(feet) 108 | 119 | 116| 112 | 97 | 59

1. What type of function best models this data
linear exponential quadratic or other

2. Use a graphing calculator to perform a regression for the best fit equation. Write the resulting equation below, rounding to the nearest hundredth.

3. Calculate how many seconds it takes for the super hero to land on the ground (assume no flying powers used) show your work and round to the nearest hundredth

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Francisco E. answered • 07/31/14

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Francisco; Civil Engineering, Math., Science, Spanish, Computers.

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