Sidney G.

asked • 08/25/12

how to do I make a graph?

Your cost is 20 dollars plus 5 cents times the number of minutes you use your
phone.   C = 0.05m + 20

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David O.

Please look at mine and help me 🙏🏻


Rana A.

Wow, no wonder I was so confused learning in school. Hehe Easy, peasy stuff. You need a large L Shape. Now, let's separate the lines using littler lines. Let's separate them 5 times on the vertical line and do the same for the horizontal line. OK, here is the difficult part. Not really, just telling you that for a bit of drama. :) Next, you only need two dots for your line, but wait, you forgot to name both of your axis. Let's see. Let's call the vertical axis y just because I like y. Lol Now, since we named one, we also have to name the other. After all, you can't go through life without a name, right? Let's call the Horizontal one x. Alright, now you also need to know what we're calculating. Let's see, hmm...ok, I got it. We're going to calculate how many minutes YOU should use your phone this month because your parents told you that you are on it wayyyy too much and it's costing them a fortune. Dude, you need to cut back. 🤔 OK, so here is the tricky part. Y (how much money it will cost depending on how many minutes you use your phone,) when .25(x) = y So, if we plug in 2 min where x is (on the x part of the graph) at the 2 (I assume you numbered them,) then Y on your vertical graph will be .50 cents and your parents will be really happy. However, if you plug in 100 min instead of 2, what's .25(100)? Move the decimal two places to the right and add 2 zeros, and presto, there goes your whole allowance for the next three weeks. Congrats, they're taking away your phone. $25.00 Don't forget to draw a line from the 100 on the segmented line on the x to the 25.00 on the y. Congrats, you just figured out how to graph your phone walking away. Lol Oh. Don't forget to give both your y and x axis real names like cost for the y part and minutes for the x. That way everyone will know which one is which.


Bill G. answered • 06/06/13

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