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can u solve and graph this problem

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Eugene P. | Algebra Tutor (Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus)Algebra Tutor (Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus...

Start with: 12p + 15 c > 360. Consider 12p + 15c = 360.

If p = 0: c = 24. If c = 0 ; p = 30. Now you have two points to plot:    (0 , 24) and (30 ,0).

If you send me a request I'll Show You the Algebra.

Copy this web address:

Paste it into your address bar and plug in the two points. You will see a graph.

You have to shade the graph to solve your problem.

In this case choose (0 ,0) as your "Test Point" (anything you dont understand about my explination send me a request and I'll answer)

12(0) + 15(0) > 360 implies that 0 >360 which is false so shade the side of the line not cpntaining that point. I this case that will be the "top half " also since the inequality is strict   when you redraw the graph you'll want to use a dashed line to indicate that values on the line itself are not included.















Crystal B. | Never Fear! Math is Here!Never Fear! Math is Here!
  1. We have the inequality 12p + 15c > 360
  2. If you set the left hand side equal to the right you will have 12p + 15c = 360. We let this be the standard form of a line where the x variable is replaced by c and the y variable is replaced by p.
  3. Now you can rewrite the equation from bullet 2 in slope intercept form by: subtracting 15c from both sides of the equation and dividing both sides by 12. Our slope intercept form of the equation should look like this: p = -5/4*c + 30.
  4. Now since we originally had an equality let's replace that equal sign with a greather than sign like such: p > -5/4*c + 30.
  5. Now in order to graph the inequality use the equation in bullet 3. Your p - intercept should be (0, 30) and your c - intercept should be (24, 0). The slope of your line is negative. Use a dashed line to draw the line. The dash will signify that p = -5/4 + 30 is not a solution of our inequality.
  6. Finally since p is "greater than" -5/4*c + 30 shade in the area above the line. 

Any problems please let me know!