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ENGLISH introduction&atheists HELP!

I am writing a paper about effectiveness of taking an online class. I'm struggling putting a intro and thesis together. My body points are 
If those are not good/strong points please let me know as wel. thank you in advance. 

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To write an effective thesis, you want to be clear and concise. State your main points and your stance on the issue. I'm not sure from the points that you mentioned what your stance is, but if you were pro-online classes, you could write something like this: In an age that is rapidly shifting towards technology use, online classes can be a viable option over the traditional classroom because of their flexible options, lower cost, and ease of use. Another idea could be that they offer a chance to build skills with using various technologies, which in this day and age, can only help make students more marketable. Hope that helps somewhat!


Yes that did help a lot. I figured out my thesis. I just am lost on how to actually begin my introduction. Should I begin with a fact? Statemen, what I'm talking about. And I am pro online classes
Hi Nichole,
I'm glad that helped! Without actually seeing your research, I think you have several options for starting your introduction.  One way is to start with a surprising fact or statistic.  For example, did you learn any interesting statistics about the popularity or prevalence of online classes versus traditional classes? "Colleges and universities across the country are rapidly moving towards replacing the traditional classroom with an online version; currently _% of classes are now available online instead of face-to-face" or something like that. Another way would be to provide a short anecdote, contrasting a description of the two types of classes. For example, you mentioned comfort/concentration as one of your points.  Can you think of a time where you were feeling uncomfortable in a traditional class? How did you feel? What made that uncomfortable for you? Can you describe that experience in a couple sentences. "Pegged by the teacher's unforgiving gaze, shrinking further into the seat hoping to be overlooked..." or something like that. Then you could provide a solution to that feeling of fear/discomfort by introducing the benefits of an online class. These are just a couple ideas. Message me if you want me to read over the rough draft of your intro. I am happy to look at it.