Anne D.

asked • 10/29/12

I need a scary sentence story starter! I'm stuck on this for hours! Fast, I need Help!

I want to start like when this girl is handing out Candy to the kids on Halloween. When she finished she went up stairs to brush her teeth and then she heard something. I just need a starter so I get get into more detail in the story. Thank you!

Lynne S.

Have you heard of en medias res? It is a literary term that means "in the middle" and refers to the practice of starting a story in the middle and then using flashbacks to fill in the details.

Now although you don't have to start exactly in the middle, you could start with the noise or something even scarier, let the action go on for a bit, then have the main character tell the story of how it all started. Then you need to transition back to present time and tell the rest of the story in the usual order.



Elizabeth M.

Using the "in the middle" format, you could start with what was known (ie an earthquake sound and it's consequence), then bring it forward into the present. What do you think would happen to the story if you told it this way?
Good luck!  Elizabeth M.



Vivian L.


She thought nothing was wrong as she cheerfully handed out candy to the smiling children as they stood against the background of the serene, dark night.  But the quietude and happiness belied what awaited her.  As the minutes and hours passed, and her candy jar emptied while the giggles departed, she walked upstairs, past the telephone, into the bathroom, and closed the door behind her.  She noticed it was stuck again, but decided to wait to fix it until after finishing the important task of brushing her teeth.  She laughed one last time and abruptly stopped as she was interrupted by...



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what do u mean



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