The sum of 15 and two times a number is 29. What is the number?

Solving two-step equations. Find out what the sum is.


What is the best substitution to make to evaluate  ? (2 points)Answer CHoices: u = sin(2x) u = cos(2x) u = 2x u = 5 - 2sin(2x)

Summation notation Sigma NEED HELP ASAP!

Express the sum using sigma notation: (2 points)Answer Choices:


Select all statements below which are true for all invertible 𝑛×𝑛 matrices 𝐴 and 𝐵

ABA-1=B (A+A-1)9=A9+A-9 A+B is invertible (In-A)(In+A)=In-A2 (A+B)2=A2+B2+2AB A5 is invertible


Calculus BC Need Help ASAp Please

Which of the following expressions is the definition of the derivative of f(x) =  at the point (3,  )? (2 points)Answer Choices:


A delivery truck with its fuel and driver weighs 7500 pounds.

the truck is being loaded with boxes that weigh 26 pounds each. What is the expression for the total weight of the truck when it leaves the loading dock?


1D Kinematics Physics Questions

1. Georgia jogs at a velocity of 4 m/s north for 20 seconds. What is her displacement?2. A plane travels at 500 km/hr west for 300 km. What is the plane’s displacement?3. A polar bear swims at an... more


Kinematics Equation

A ball rolling down a hill was displace 5 m while uniformly accelerating from rest. If the final velocity was 20 m/s. What was the rate of acceleration?Your answer

What is the magnitude of the total force between the bike tire and the road?

A physicist rides his bike around a corner of radius 21 meters at a steady speed of 7.5 m/sec. The combined mass of the physicist and the bike is 98 kg. The coefficient of static friction between... more

Calculus Please Help!

For an object whose velocity in ft/sec is given by v(t) = -2t2 + 4, what is its distance travelled, in feet, on the interval t = 0 to t = 2 secs? (5 points)Answer Choices:... more


Calculus Please help!

Which of the following integrals will find the volume of the solid that is formed when the region bounded by the graphs of y = ex, x = 2, and y = 1 is revolved around the line y = -1. (5... more

Calculus Position Function

 The velocity in ft/sec of a particle is given by v(t) = -18t - 2. Find the position function s(t), of the particle if it has an initial position s(0) = 5 feet. (2 points)Answer Choices:... more


Find the coordinates of the point 7/10 of the way from A to B. A = (-3,-6) B = (10,7)

Its on a cordinate plane


Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at a give point: -2x^3 - 5x (-1,3)

I know you can use (y-y1) = m(x-x1) to solve but I’m not sure how to apply it exactly.


Equation determine Pre Calc

A) Determine the equation of the function with zeros 2(order 3) and -1/2 (order 1) that passes through a y-intercept of -4.B) Create a sketch of this curve


ferris wheel cosine equation

A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 380 feet and the center of the wheel is 195 feet above the ground. The wheel makes a complete turn every 4 minutes. Write a cosine function to express the height h... more

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