I need help with this combined gas law problem

If a gas has a volume of 3.2L at 25°C, what temperature in degrees C is needed to get a volume of 6.8 L



How many moles of Cl2 can be produced from 5.60 mol HCl in reactionHCl + O2 →  Cl2 + H2O (unbalanced) (3 significant. final answer)


please need help as soon as possible please! need help very quickly with geometry homework!

Question 1: Describe the symmetry of the figure. Identify lines of symmetry, if any. Find the angle and the order of any rotational symmetry.A.) line symmetry and no rotational symmetryB.) line... more


Use a unit circle and 30°-60°-90° triangles to find the degree measures of the angle.

angles whose tangent is 

Calculus question

y = 4x from rectangular to polar coordinates.


Physics help with stopping problem

You are a traffic accident investigator. You have arrived at the scene of an accident. Two trucks of equal mass(3,000 kg each) were involved in a rear-end accident at a stop sign. here is what you... more


I need help with this equation

What is the y-intercept of the graph of the parabola whoose equation is y=x2-2x-8?


help solve word problem by elimination.

Huong and Amanda are selling cookie dough for a school fundraiser. Customers can buy packages ofsugar cookie dough and packages of oatmeal cookie dough. Huong sold 9 packages of sugar cookiedough... more


I need help Equation

The graph of a parabola is represented by the equation y=ax2 where a is a positive integer . If a is multiplied by 2 , the new parabola will become


algebra simplifying fractions

(2xy)/(x^(2)y-y^(2)x) Can you help me solve this fraction and the restrictions


Which set of orders pairs could be generated by an exponential function?

1) (0,0),(1,1),(2,8),(3,27) 2) (0,1),(1,2),(2,5),(3,10) 3) (0,0),(1,3),(2,6),(3,9) 4) (0,1),(1,3),(2,9),(3,27)


I need help understanding and solving

A cliff on a Caribbean island jumps from a height of 105 feet , with an initial upward velocity of 5 feet per second. An equation that models the height , h(t) , above the water , in feet , of the... more


I need help with this

The height of a swimmers dive off a 10-foot platform into a diving pool is modeled by the equation y=2x2-12x+10 , where x represents the number of seconds since the swimmer left the diving board... more


Describe the transformation of f represented by g

Describe the transformation of f represented by g. f(x)=x^3; g(x)=13x^3−4


What is the solution set of the equation

i need help x2-4x-1=0


You are building a dresser in the form of a rectangular prism that must be 48 inches tall with a volume of 4320 cubic inches..

The length and width each must be less than 2 feet. Which of the following dimensions are the possible width and length of the cabinet? 9 inches by 10 inches 10 inches by 10 inches 6 inches by 20... more

What is the solution of t


Distance, rate, time equation

A jet travels 2996 miles against a jetstream in 4 hours and 3476 miles with the jetstream in the same amount of time. What is the rate of the jet in still air and what is the rate of the jetstream?


Graph a function

Graph of a function with the given listed belowcontinuous for all real numbers xfirst derivativef" (x)>0 if |x| <2 and f'(x) <0 if |x| >2f" (2)=0lim x approaches infinity f(x)=1f is an... more


Which function's graph is symmetric about the point (0,−4)

Which function's graph is symmetric about the point (0,−4)


David worked 40 hours this week. His pay rate is $15.00 per hour. Calculate his pay.

Overtime HoursOvertime RateOvertime PayRegular PayTotal Pay

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