Which statements about the graph of f(x) = √x are true? Select all that apply.

Here are the choices. A. The domain is restricted to x > 0.B. The range is restricted to f(x) > 0.C. The x-intercept is 0.D. The y-intercept is 0.E. The graph is increasing for all values in... more


Fluid force/calculus

A certain open top container is made by rotating the curve y = x^2/a about the y-axis from x = 0 meters to x = 3 meters, where a = 1 meter. Initially the container is filled to a height of H = 4... more

Use the formula A = P(1 + rt) to calculate the maturity value of the simple interest loan. (Round your answer to two decimal places.) P = $2400, r = 9.2%, t = 3 months

I got this answer wrong when I written the answer as 3,125.21. Did I do something wrong here?

Differential Equation

The differential equation  . I. will have a slope field with negative slopes in quadrant III. will have a slope field with positive slopes in all quadrantsIII. will produce a slope field with... more

Differential Equation

The differential equation  . I. produces a slope field with horizontal tangents at y = 4II. produces a slope field with horizontal tangents at x = 0III. produces a slope field with vertical... more


Find the largest area of the largest rectangle that can be cut from a circular quadrant of diameter 8 feet.

Please show your solution on how you arrived with the answer. Thank you.


calculus area question

A fence is to be built to enclose a rectangular area of 230 square feet. The fence along three sides is to be made of material that costs 3 dollars per foot, and the material for the fourth side... more


physics mod2top5

A person pushes a 14.0kg lawnmower at a constant speed with a force of 88.0N directed along the handle, which is at an angle of 45° to the horizontal. Draw a free body diagram and calculate the... more


Find the value of dy

Find the value of dy and triangleY for y=square root x when x=12 and triangleX=-0.05triangleY= f(x+ triangleX) - f(x) and dy= f’(x) dx


calculus antiderivative/ derivative question

find f if f'(x)=2/x, x<0 and f (-1)=2


physics friction and acceleration

a car of mass 1000kg is traveling at a speed of 45m/s at the top of a 25 degrees incline. The surface of the incline has uk= 0.3 Find work done by gravity as a car moves tot the bottom of the... more


biomechanics - angular kinetics

penny farthing bicycle has front and rear tires with diameters of 140 and 44cm, respectively. If each tire is rotated 180°counterclockwise, what is the magnitude of the linear distance travelled... more

Probability problem: An unbiased die is tossed seven (7) times. Success is recorded only if a 5 or a 6 appears, else it is a failure

a) Determine the probability distribution and list all parameters, together with their respective values.b) What is the probability of getting exactly three (3) successes?c) What is the probability... more

simplify your answer

suppose the probability of selling a car today is 0.36. Find the odds against selling a car today


Find the polynomial with integer coefficients that satisfies the following conditions

Degree of polynomial: 3 Zeros: 4, 4i Constant coefficient: -192   A.3x^212x2+48x-192 B.x^3-6x^2-48x-192 C.4x^3-3x^2+48x-192 D.x^3-12x^2+48x-192 E.x^3+12x^2+48+192 F. None of the above


A penny was dropped from a window

A penny was dropped from the window of a building, 64 feet above the ground. Write an equation for the height of the penny, h, at the time t seconds after it was dropped.

Find any holes of the function

f(x)=      8        - --------             x-6   A. There are no holes B. x=6 C. x=4/3 D. x=-4/3 E. x=-6 F. None of the above

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