Ben E.

asked • 05/28/20

ferris wheel cosine equation

A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 380 feet and the center of the wheel is 195 feet above the ground. The wheel makes a complete turn every 4 minutes. Write a cosine function to express the height h (in feet) of a passenger on the wheel as a function of time t (in minutes), given that the passenger is at the lowest point on the wheel when t=0 .

1 Expert Answer


Mail E.

Unfortuanately, Janelle is wrong, the right answer should've been: -190 cos (pi/2 t) +195


Janelle S.

I would love to know how you came to your answer! It looks like you might have used a period of 4 minutes rather than converting to 240 seconds. Please elaborate if you think I did something incorrectly. Thanks, Janelle


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