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Punnet Squares and Inheritance Assignment

A gardener became famous when he accidentally bred a new type of purple orchid. Upon further investigation, scientists found that the color of the orchid came from one gene and that the purple... more

solve each system by graphing

solve each system by graphing1.) y=( -1/4x) - 4y = (5/4x) +22.) y= 2x+3y= -4x-3

cholesterol level be reduced to satisfy the recommended maximum level?

a health official recommends maximum cholesterol level of 220 units. A patient has a cholesterol level of 273. By how many units must this patient;'s cholesterol level be reduced to satisfy the... more

Tutor Testing by Subject

What is the link to complete the tutor testing?

what percentage of taxes do people who live with socialism have to pay?

Its for my project due tomorrow and i need an answer pronto because i cant find the  answer anywhere online and i also need to know what are other cons for socialism 


F(X) = 1/X-5 + 1



Is the first hour of tutoring free? I want to find a fit for myson?

Is the first session free? I do not want to  commit after first meeting because the tutor has not established a plan for the tutoring and my son is not yet sure if he or she is a good fit?

Tricky Word Problem

This word problem has me stumped..  I would really lovesome step by step help, thanks!   When a number, half of a number, and a third of a number are added together, the sum is 385. Find the... more


in the problem what percent of 20 is 30 how do you get the 1.5

I am studying for my ged and I just don't get this stuff.


Find their difference?

The numbers 23.982 and 3.4687 are both approximate and correct only to their last digits. Find their difference and state how many figures in the result are trustworthy.

5x-7(-4x for x=2

you have to simplify and evaluate


How to find slope and y-intercept and how to graph it

How to find slope and y-intercept and how to graph it.

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