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2 Answers

23.982-3.4687 = 20.513, which contains 5 significant figures.
Attn: Since the result of addition or subtraction should be no more accurate than the least accurate one.


I'll take a liberty to answer on your question, Sun, and Robert J. will correct me if I'm wrong.
Because both numbers are with 5 significant figures, then result should be with 5 significant and trustworthy figures too. Only my question is, do we have to accompany the result with the relative error of the round-off?
Sun, what does your teacher expect? I would assume your teacher would have covered the definition of "trustworthy figures" to you at some point. Without knowing if this is a specific math problem (and no more), or if there's another part to this question (as with a statistical analysis or interpreting the results of a scientific study), it's difficult to answer your question.