Geometry math equation

Angle one is supplementary to angle to an angle two is complementary to angle three. If the measure of angle one equals 165°, then what are the measures of the other two angles?


Find the dimensions of the box described. The length is 4 inches more than the width. The width is 2 inches more than the height. The volume is 135 cubic inches.

This problem has been driving me insane. I cannot figure out how to solve it after multiple attempts, and I even asked my teacher about it and he didn't want to help. I have asked others too and... more

How do I solve this?

one computer has 3.00 GB less than five times the memory of another computer. If their combined memory is 12.3 GB, what is the memory of each computer?

Given g(x)=-x+6 Find g(-3)

Help meeeeee please I need the answer 


Finding the rate of speed

Two cars leave Indianapolis, one traveling east and the other west. After 3 hours, they are 297 miles apart. If one car is traveling 5 mph faster then the other, what is the speed of each?

how many of each type of bar did she buy

Susan bought a combination of peanut bars and chocolate bars. If the peanut bars cost $0.69 and $0.59 respectively and the total amount Susan paidfor the 17 camdy bars was $10.83 how many of each... more


find the consecutive even integers for which three times the smallest one is the same as 6 less than the sum of the two larger ones

please help, cant seem to figure it out, is it x + (x+2) + (x+4)


How did you get 0.835 when you combined terms?

The price of a swimming pool has been discounted by 16.5%. The sale price is $1210.75. Find the original list price of the pool.

Word problem

 A Boy bought a party length sandwich 59.in long. He wants to cut it into three pieces so that middle piece is 6 in. Longer than the shortest piece and the shortest piece is 8 in. Shorter than the... more


change question

A newspaper carrier has $7.30 in change. He has eight more quarters than dimes but two times as many nickles as quarters. How many coins of each type does he have?


Solve the inequality x^2 + 6x − 7 ≥ 0

i thought it was no solution because it has a denominator of 0 in the quadratic formula


When a number is decreased by 10% of itself, the result is 54. What is the number

Whats the answer


eric's dad is 28 years older than eric. the sum of there ages is 64. how old is eric

my mom and I spent 2 hours on this question and we still can't answer it


Carlos CD downloads

Carlos joined a music club that offered him 5 downloads for a total of $3 if he agreed to purchase an additional 10 downloads for $15 each if he purchase all of them what would be the average price... more


If an airplanes speed is 850 miles per hour, what is it’s speed in feet per second?

This needs to be answered in algebraic format. one mile equals 5,280 feet. The answer choices are A) 580 B) 1247 C) 4250 D) 22362

An algebra word problem. Please help!

Bianca went to the mall with her friends. She spent 2/3 of her money on make-up. Then she spent 1/3 of her remaining money at a clothing store. After that she went home and had $8 left. How much... more


For every 4 powdered donuts sold, 7 glazed donuts are sold. How many glazed donuts were sold Saturday?

I had this question on a test and can't figure it out for anything 

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