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bacteria grows at a rate of 51% per day. dog infected w/2800 bacterium when her leg cut how many bacterium will be in 14 days when take the dog to the vet

A particular type of bacteria grows at a rate of 51 % per day. If my dog got infected with 2800 bacterium when her leg was cut by barbed wire, how many bacteria will be present in 14 days when I... more

If 8 is added to twice a number

If 8 is added to twice a number and this sum is multiplied by 4, the result is the same as if the number is multiplied by 5 and 11 is added to the product. What is the number?

which list correctly compares the changes in yards in the football teams position on the field

 The change in yards in a football teams position on the field for each other last four plays is shown below -4,7,-7,0

A 3 pack of facial tissues costs $8.40, what is the price per pack

What is the answer  

How do you solve this?

A student has test scores of 83, 91, and 80, and a homework average of 85 (all out of 100). If the three tests and homework each carry equal weight, and the final exam counts twice as much as a... more

How do you solve this?

Your car gets 25 miles per gallon of gas. Gas costs $2.50 per gallon. You drive 1,000 miles in one month, and auto insurance is $75 per month. Wear-and-tear costs are about $50 per month. Show your... more


A 12-issue subscription to a magazine cost $24.  If each issue purchased individually cost $3, how much is saved in a year by ordering a 12-issue subscription rather than purchasing each issue... more

A book worm tunnels through the front cover of volume 1 all the way through the back of volme 4

Each book has a front cover and back cover that each measure 1/16 inch the pages of each book measure 1 1/8 inches how far does the book worm tunnel ?

Domain and range word problem

suppose that a ball is dropped from a window that is 64 feet above the ground and that the ball strikes the ground after two seconds. if function h calculates the height of the ball after t... more

Our parakeet eats one ounce if birdseed each day. About how many weeks will a five-pound bag of birdseed last?

We thought we figured it out with the answer being 11.43 weeks but the answer was counted wrong. 

What is the answer

Cameron is shopping for new shirts. The shirts he selects are all the same pric. He also finds a hat that costs $12 and a pair of pants that costs $33.50. Cameron can buy the hat and 4 shirts for... more

Lumber word question

Woodsmith magazine gave instructions on how to build a pine cupboard. Lumber will be needed for two shelves 11 1/4 inches long, two base sides 12 1/2 inches long, and two door stiles 28 1/8 inches... more

Write a model of your current monthly wage in terms of your monthly sales. Write a model of the wage of your new job offer in terms of the monthly sales.

As a salesperson, you receive a monthly salary of $2000, plus a commission of 7% of sales. You are offered a new job at $2300 per month, plus a commission of 5% sales.

Word Problem

I bought a certain number of oranges at three for a dollar and five sixths of that number at four for a dollar. If i sold all my oranges at sixteen for six dollars, I would make a profit of three... more

How do you solve this word problem?

Davie and Horatio are riding their motorbikes on a scenic tour that is 80 miles long. Davie rides at 20 miles per hour and leaves 90 minutes before Horatio. How fast must Horatio ride to finish at... more

How do you solve this word problem?

Shaquille, Lyle, and Amanda collect stamps. Shaquille has one-half the number of stamps that Lyle has. Amanda has two-thirds as many stamps as Lyle. Together they have 364 stamps. How many stamps... more

A mom left 20% of estate to one son & 25% to another. The remaining $55,000 she left to daughter. Find amount of estate.

a. $90,000 b. $100,000 c. $110,000 d. $120,000 e. None 

Please I need to know how to set this equation up by 12/18(today) at 9 pm!! Thank you!!

Mickey has 1.95 in his collection,consisting of quarters and nickels.The number of nickles is three more than the number of quarters.

What is the equation of line that has y-intercept of 3 and goes thru point (0,4)

 I need help with this word problem 
1 4 5 7 9 10 55

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