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I have created a form on html coding and im really blank on how to get the input data in a data base bellow is the program i coded now i want its input from the website to be stored in a excel file

<section id="contact" > <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <div class="sec-title text-center wow animated... more
Web Design


What is the most effective setting for optimizing a JPEG?


HTML Checkboxes

How do we create a checkbox of the following format in HTML?Colors (checkbox icon) red (checkbox icon) green (checkbox icon) redI could only do it as folows :Colors (checkbox... more


webpage is blank

what to write when the webpage is blank and it is going to be filled in future
Web Design Coding


Want some coding help please...

Hey, so I’m making a social media, and I need to make a code that allows you to make a group chat and chat on it, any ideas? I’m coding in html so yeah, no c# or crap
Web Design Database Mysql


Godaddy's database is full and need to upgrade

What would be the best way to update database storage. whats the best solution to upgrade database storage?I can not install WordPress due to storage limitation.
Web Design Optimize


How to optimize Shopping website?

I am working on shopping website it has not much data on the webpages, the only photo is there on webpages , so anybody gives me suggestion how can I optimize this site.
Web Design


What are the steps in designing a website?

Calling all Web Designers :)I am starting to make a website for a small business in my hometown and it will be my first proper project. I have made sites in the past, which I have done for leisure.... more
Web Design


"This page is under construction" message or no page at all?

From a **Design** point-of-view, if a page is not ready yet, but the rest of the site is; would it be better to: 1. Have a 'this page is under construction' message, or 2. Not have the page at... more
Web Design


Do web designers use the standard IAB web advert sizes when adding banners?

I was wondering if there are standard sizes which designers use when you want to reserve space for a web advert on their website design. I'm aware of these sizes given by IAB:... more
Web Design


Designing interesting looking websites in greyscale, minimal tones?

I know a business that wanted a website to match their brand, and it would seem that they are allergic to colour. I think designs in greyscale can look amazing, especially in print, but it feels... more


What is the difference in web development and web designing?

Web Design


Responsive web design is based on screen resolution or screen size?

For mobile devices the resolution is actually big, only screen size is small. Based on that: - For **websites design**, do we target screen resolution (e.g 1920x1080)? - And for **mobile apps**,... more
Web Design


How can I make my Photoshop text appear like it does on the web?

Do I really have to design everything in Photoshop with anti-aliasing set to "none"? I'm sure there is a better way. I'd like to have a setting so that when picking a basic web-safe (such as... more


What are the responsibilities of a web developer?

Web Design


Are physical units for web design a good idea?

Coming from a design time pre-digital and musing over the 'pixel'... would a physical measurement such as a cm work in web design at some point? Do all devices have a designated ppi (pixel per... more
Web Design


What languages do front end developers use?

Web Design


Do SVG images look better scaled down than a high resolution png, jpg or gif?

I know that if you want to scale-up an image, then a SVG is a wise choice. However, my situation is that I have icons that I want users to be able to upload via a CMS. SVGs are just that bit... more
Web Design


How do you animate SVG for the web?

Vector graphics are now taking over the web and even mobile applications. Icons, buttons and elements of web pages or mobile apps are now becoming increasingly vector based, dropping bitmaps... more
Web Design


Font copyright when used in images (Helvetica)?

I have a specific Helvetica font that I use for text within graphics I am creating for my website, i.e. buttons, pictures. Do I need a licence or is it sufficient just to have purchased the... more
Web Design


Qualities of a full-page website background image?

We are trying to create a web page with a full-size background. The following pages are our inspiration: - http://www.august.com.au/ - http://www.levehytter.no/ - http://danielfiller.com/. We have... more
Web Design Javascript Angular Js


What are the benefits of react?

Web Design


Is there a standard size(width) for email newsletter design or something like a christmas e-card?

I have to design this e-mail newsletters. Some with just simple holiday cards and some more complex with offers and other stuff (images, text content etc.). I am wondering if there is a safe... more
Web Design


What to put in my portfolio if I have not had any clients yet?

I am a newbie self taught web designer. My skills are HTML/CSS web designs. My problem is, how do I start marketing myself or what type of web designs should I put in my portfolio if I have not had... more
Web Design


When designing a website, how do I know how users see the colors?

When designing a website, how do I know how users see the colors? I see the colors of the website differently from my Macbook and Windows desktop/notebook. Especially I can’t see light colors on... more

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