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Why user interface is important in websites?

why user interface is important in websites?.please explain briefly 

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Deborah H. | Effective Graphic Design and English Tutor College StudiesEffective Graphic Design and English Tut...
Steve is correct, but a more visual explanation might help you to understand the concept of why the website interface is important to web design.
First of all, the design in web design is much more than the visual part of the website, which means that the design part encompasses a user's entire experience 'from the moment they enter the site to when after they leave it.'  
The interface is important because it addresses the 'how' and 'why' of people who wish to use the site.  For instance, the interface deals with how quickly a site loads, which is important because most people will not wait more than 30 seconds for the site to load before moving on. Therefore, one can consider themselves a website designer by simply being the person who sets out to discover how the user interacts with the site.
Steve M. | A Dad just like youA Dad just like you

Well, the user interface is the part of the site that interacts with the user. It is important that it be easy to use and provide the appropriate information and navigation to help the user find or do what he/she needs.

Taylor N. | User Experience Design & ArchitectureUser Experience Design & Architecture
The interface is the gateway to which humans interact with machines and systems. As a gateway, there are many aspects of it's design and operation that can render it Good or Bad.
Since a website may garner a vast and wide range of people from all over the world; the number one goal is to come up with a solution that accounts for the different types of people that may use the interface: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Old, Young, and most important of all: Learning Capability and Speed.
When looking at design from a human interaction point a view, we tend to study the human eye and the very broad range of it's ability to translate information.
The practice in determining the levels of importance in design decisions is called User Experience Design, it may encompass what follows:
Organization and Hierarchy of Information/Data
Relation of Information/Data
Progression through the System (which information is carried and what is not)
Amount of Interaction Required (Mouse clicks, and Keyboard typing)
Responsiveness (Time from input to response)
Tactile tools (What is always accessible throughout the process/system)
The altitude in which each one of these aspects is tackled can effect the outcome greatly. Doing a Bad job can translate to: frustration, lack of engagement, and even physical headaches.
Each human should be able to know what to do, how to do it, and where to go next within 7 seconds. As more and more people gain experience in working with software from a young age; that number is rapidly decreasing.
Kirk S. | Graphic Deisgn Specalist!Graphic Deisgn Specalist!
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The UI needs to be simple and easy to understand.  If it isn't something that anyone can understand then you are missing out on a piece of the market you are trying to reach. Design wise and graphically you can keep it inline with your style and colors but ultimately simple and easy to understand is best.