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Angular Physics Kinetics


Angular kinetics

Suppose a person’s femoral diaphysis is idealized as a solid circular cylinder with a diameter of 2 cm. The ultimate stress in tension is 120×106 pa. Calculate the maximal tension force the femoral... more
Angular Physics Kinetics


Angular kinetics

Suppose a long bone is idealized as a solid cylinder with a diameter of 0.03 m. During a torsion test, if the torsion moment is 10N.m, what is the maximal stress caused by torsion? (Hint: polar... more
Angular Physics Kinetics


Angular kinetics

A man with a mass of 80 kg runs with a velocity of 3 m/s along a line tangent to a circular platform (m = 160 kg, radius r= 5 m). The platform is initially at rest and it has a moment of inertia... more
Angular Physics Kinetics


Angular kinetic

A wheel with a moment of inertia of 0.03 kg.m2 is accelerated from rest to 20 rad/s in 5 seconds due to application of a moment of force (torque). When the moment of force is released, the wheel... more
Angular Math Physics


I have a question regarding angular displacement. :)

What is the angular displacement of a clock's minute hand each minute?


How should I balance memory with network latency on a paginated table?

A web application I'm working on has a tool that queries a database and returns up to several thousand rows. When considering pagination, at what point does it make more sense to get the entire... more


Does it make sense to integrate ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS?



How do I view components individually in Angular 6?


Angular header/footer, Component or Module?

I have been learning angular for a while now and I understand the point of modules and components (briefly) but now I am starting my own project using the framework I am somewhat confused. When... more


Why can't Angular be switched to any language at runtime?



How do I use an angular material in a static website?



Do you use Webpack with Angular?



How angular accleration is produce in body if torque is zero?


How do I create a modal service with AngularJS?

I'm trying to make a service that's polymorphic based upon what mode is specified in the URL. If the char param in the route is set to 'p', I want to use a PresentMode service. If the char param is... more


What is a good method of storing test data for development and unit testing with angularjs and jasmine?

What is a good method of storing JSON data/objects for development and unit testing with angular and jasmine?I have seen some ways of accomplishing this. However, since I am new to unit testing... more
Angular Php Javascript Mvc


How can I team up two MVC frameworks without having them fight each other?

I'm creating a CRUD-based web project, and am thinking about using a server side MVC framework (such as CodeIgniter or Laravel) in tandem with a client side MVC framework (such as AngularJS). Is... more


How and where to test if the JSON request objects generated by the front-end is valid?

We have built a complex Angular application that sends multiple HTTP request to a REST service that is also built in house. Since both the frontend and the backend is being developed in parallel,... more


Where to put the Angular app in a ASP.NET Web API solution?

I'm starting a greenfield app and I want to use ASP.NET (4.6) and Angular 2. For the backend I have created a project in Visual Studio, and now I'm wondering where to put the Angular app. I really... more

Best practice for angular service return value?

I have a number of angular services (e.g. a user service) which make various HTTP calls and I'm wondering what the best practice would be for handling errors. For example, I could do: function... more


What is Babel JavaScript?


What is AngularJS and Nodejs?

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