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how do i make this using flex boxes

i dont know how to add a picture so I just shared a google dochttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zp652LWtYEYp6rtOMvY1R7ox7aASHXB0Z_QV2CGIUgc/edit?usp=sharing


How can I add a clickable link to this 3D floating box in html/css?

On this 3d box i made: https://www.lifetimereserve.co/splash/I want to the be able to click the red text that says "lifetime" that is on the front face of the spinning cube. When I add the link to... more


How can I get all my images to render with the same height in Flexbox?

Hello, I am a CSS novice and I am looking for some assistance. I have been trying to display three images in a container using flexbox. All of the images render with slightly different properties.... more


How do i Apply to become a tutor?

I want to help and teach students with all their homework, test, quizzes or upcoming exams.


What is the shortest way to create a working clock in Javascript?

What is the shortest way to create a working clock in Javascript? I want to create a clock that shows hour, minute, and second. Basically, the user to see his local time on the browser. Please show... more


If you could make social media better, as a web developer, how would you?

How can you actually make social media more sociable, less toxic, less fraud prone and educative?


My blogger website is not showing main menu

I don't know what's the actual reason, I didn't do any changes just uploaded the template as it is (happythanksgivingsday.blogspot.com)


Shopify websites

I would like to know of tutors who have knowledge coding Shopify websites, if you have knowledge coding Shopify websites, please contact me, thanks.


Web Designing(Html,Css,javascript)

1. Write a JavaScript that reads several lines from text file and prints a table using DOM object indicating the number of occurrences of each letter of the alphabet in the text. For example, the... more


Full Stack Bootcampp

Hi Alexander, I am currently in a Full Stack Developer Bootcamp through the University of Denver. It is a Trilogy bootcamp and I have never programmed before, so to say that I am lost is an... more


How do I create a link to a location in a page, when sections are accordion collapsed using CSS?

The page is divided into different categories which can be collapsed (accordion), and using the regular <a href> does not work. That only works when linking to a location in the same section... more

CSS - Selecting the first bold word of all paragraphs

write the required external CSS rules for the following : Set the font size and font style , of the first bold word of all the paragraphs in a document into 14px and italic respectively.


Can WordPress handle a logistics website and shipping details?



How do I render thin fonts more smoothly in CSS3 with HTML?



Are CSS rules and CSS properties the same thing?



Is there a CSS framework that auto inserts browser compatibility?



What is CSS BOX model? How to use it?



How do I design Blogspot templates?



What does the term 'succeeding element' mean in CSS?



Can I learn CSS 3 without knowing CSS?



What flex-item CSS property sets its ability to shrink if necessary?

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