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Trigonometry Identities


Using trig Identities, I need to solve this question

Trigonometry Identities


Express cos^(4)2x in terms of cosine with an exponent of 1?

Hi, this is my first time using this site. So I have been staring at this trigonometric equation for a long while and looking for what it asks for. For what I know, I think I have to use sum of... more
Trigonometry Identities Identities


Trig Identity

Prove sin4x = 4 (sin x-2 sin^3 x)/secx   I can't seem to solve this! Halp!!!
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry Trig Trig Identities


Simple Trig, got lost and need help.

Solve the given equation over the interval [0,2): 2sinx+ (sqrt 3) sin^2x=-(sqrt 3) cos^2x A. x=0, and x=(pi/2), and x=(3 pi/2), and x=2(pi)x=(3 pi/2), and x=(7 pi/2) b. x=(4 pi/3) and x=(5... more
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry Trig Trig Identities


Need help with simple Trig!

Provide an exact evaluation of the expression: tan (-285°).
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Need Urgent Trig Help!!

Find the value for sin (θ) if the following conditions hold: cos(2(theta)) = 3/5 and 90(degrees) < (theta) < 180(degrees) A. (1/25) B. (sqrt5/25) C. (2 sqrt5/5) D. (sqrt5/5)
Trigonometry Identities


Sin(45-x)=cos(45+x) prove the identity

Sin(45-x)=cos(45+x) How to prove this identity? 
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry Trigonometric Identities


Can someone walk me through simplifying sec(?)?^2 * cot(?) * cos(?) =

  I thought it'd be  (1 / cos(θ)2) * (1 / tan(θ)) * (cos(θ) / 1)   Which would get you cos(θ) / cos(θ)2 * tan(θ)   And then coming out to 1 / cos(θ) * tan(θ)   but that doesn't make sense... more
Trigonometry Identities


Write the expression as the sine or cosine of an angle.

cos7y cos3y -sin 7y sin3y= ?
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry


Solve for x in the equation 4cos4x=0

i need step by step soln plz thank u
Trigonometry Identities


If cos(pi/2-X) =4/5. Find sin(-x)

 Please help me solve this equation to better help me to understand trig Identites.
Trigonometry Identities


Find the exact value if sin x= -5/13, cos y= 4/5, 3pi/2<x<2pi, and 3pi/2<y<2pi what is tan(x+y)

I am a little confused on this and it would be nice if someone could work through it so I can understand this problem
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Please help me with these identity proofs!!

1) (cscx + cotx) / (tanx + sinx) = cotxcscx   2) (1/secx) -secx = -sinx   3) (1-tan^2x / 1-cot^2x) = -tan^2x
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry Pre Calculus


cos(11pi/12) using Sum and difference identities

could someone explain finding cos(11pi/12) using Sum and difference Identities. it must use one of... more
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry


sin^2 x/2 = tanx-sinx/2tanx

=(sinx/cosx - sinx)/ (2sinx/cosx) = sinx-sinxcosx/cosx • cosx/2sinx = sinx (1-cosx)/2sinx = 1-cosx/2 now im lost help!!
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry Trigonometry Functions


Express cos4x as a trig function of x

Using only the double angle identities how to solve for this? im stucked after 2cos^2 (2x) -1
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry



I know that i should multiply something to it for it to become 2sinAcosA for me to be able to solve it. Unfortunately, if i multiply2/2 to it will just become 2/16 that will just bounce back to 1/8... more
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry



tana+tanb/1-tanatanb   im confused becase sqrt of 3 over 3 is the value of tan 30 so its hard to solve the arithmetic and the algebra. help please!


Verify/prove: (1-cos^2x)(1+cos^2x) = 2sin^2x-sin^4x

I chose to manipulate the left hand side. So i got 1+cos2x-cos2x-cos4x when i simplify it will be 1-cos4x i will break it into pieces so (1-cos2x)(1+cos2x) i can change the first term to sin so... more
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry


Find the solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0, 2p). (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.

If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 2 -2 sin t = 2 sqrt(3)cos t   My solutions were pi/2, 7pi/6, and 11pi/6. 
Trigonometry Identities


Trig identities!

Please help, I have no idea!    Solve the following trigonometric equation sin^2x - cos^2x = 1/4. 
Trigonometry Identities


prove the identity

Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry


How can I solve sin(2x) = sin(x/2) for all values of x?

I can find x = 0, and also can show that cos x = (1/4)*(-1+/-sqrt(5)), but I don't know how I should have known that the latter cosines of x correspond to angles involving fifths of pi (radians)?... more
Trigonometry Identities Trigonometry


Solve for all values of 2sinx-1=0. in terms of pi

(show work)  where 0≤x<2π  
Trigonometry Identities


How to prove this identity

tan3x - tan2x- tanx = tan3xtan2xtanx

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