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What is the antiderivative of sin^3(2x)cos(2x)dx

How would I solve the following: ∫sin3(2x)cos(2x)dxThank you so much!

Rational expressions

Simplify the rational Expressions by multiplying or dividing. List any undefin values.   1. X2-12x+32/x2-6x-16 • x+2/x2-16    2. X-7/x2-2x-35 ÷ 9x+54/10x+50   3. X/x+1 + x+2/x2-1   4.... more

Rational equations

Solve the rational equations1. 1/x = 6/5x + 1 2. X/x-1 - 2/x = 1/x-1 3. X/3 - 4/3x =1


Unit Conversion Word Problem

A tire has a diameter of 3 ft. How many times will it rotate across a 297 yd field?

Exponential Growth and Decay

Jose takes medication after t minutes, the concentration of medication left in his bloodstream is given by A(t)=10(0.5)0.014t , where A is in milligrams per liter. 1. Write down A(0) 2. Find the... more


1.find the value of Of each of the following

1.find the value of Of each of the following, giving your answer an integera.Log64+Log69   2.Let Log3P=6 and Log3Q=7Find Log3(P/Q) By expanding the logarithm      3.Solve the equations below... more



Let A and B be independent evnets where P(A)=0.3 and P(B)=0.6Find P(AnB)Find P(AuB)Find P(AnB’)
Ib Maths Math Probability



Jar A contains 3 red marbles and 5 green marbles. two marbles are drawn from the jar, one after the other, without replacement.   Find the probability that none are green.   Fund the... more
Ib Maths Probability



two events A and B are such that P(A)=.2 and P(AuB) =.5    given that A and B are mutually exclusive, Find P(B)
Ib Maths Probability



2a. Samantha goes to school five days a week. when it rains, the probability that she goes to school by bus is 0.5. When it does not rain, the probability that she goes to school by bus is 0.3. The... more
Ib Maths


Find the x intercepts from the standard form 3x^2+6x-9

the equation is in standard form,change it to factored root form to find the x intercepts


in the expansion of (3x+1)^n, the coefficient of the term in x^2 is 135n, where n E Z+. Find n.

I don't have any idea how to do this! i know how to do binomial theorem but not this. I live in the US and taking Ib sl 2 math as a junior.
Ib Maths


Confusing IB Maths HL problem

On the day of her birth, 1st January 1998, Mary's grandparents invested $x in a savings account. They continued to deposit $x on the first day of each month thereafter. The account paid a fixed... more
Ib Maths Math Trig


A tower has been constructed on the bank of a long straight river. From a bench on the opposite bank and 50 m downstream...

A tower has been constructed on the bank of a long straight river. From a bench on the opposite bank and 50 m downstream from the tower, the angle of elevation of the top of the tower is 30°. From... more
Ib Maths


let u + 2v = 3j - k and 3u - v = i + j + k find u and v

 let u + 2v = 3j - k and 3u - v = i + j + k find u and v
Ib Maths


Betty is 57 years older then then her granddaughter Lucy.The product of their ages is 520. How old are Betty and Lucy?

Betty is 57 years older then her granddaughter, Lucy. The product of their ages is 520. How old is Betty and Lucy?


Chi square test, what is null and proposed hypothesis

According to genetic theory the number of colour strains, red, yellow, blue and white in flower A should appear in proportions 4:9:8:4. Observed frequencies of red, yellow, blue and white strains... more

Geometric Sequence Common Ratio

The third term of a geometric sequence is 12 and the fifth term is 16/3. All the terms in the sequence are positive. Calculate the value of the common ratio.   Can someone please guide me through... more

Quadratic models: Parabola graph of ax^2+bx+c

A parabola graph has the Vertex and Y-intercept is A(0,8) and x-intercepts of B(3,0) and C(-3,0)....   Question 1) The parabola has the equation ax^2+bx+c , Use "A(0.8)" to find the value of "b"... more



Find the derivative of f(x)=xsquared(2x-3)to power of 4   sorry i couldn't write the powers out on my phone. Can someone please explain the question?

Exam-style IB SL maths question

The two pependicular sides of a right-angled triangle have lengths x+2 and 5x-3. The hypotenuse has length 4x+1. Find x. (Please show working!)

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