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prove the trigonometric identity

(1-cos^2x)(cot^2+1) = 1

prove the following trigonometric identity

2sin^2x - 1÷ sinxcosx = tanx-cotx

Solve the Trigonometry Identity

cosx = (1- tan^2 x/2)  /  1 + tan^2 x/2)Completely stuck.

Trig Identities

Explain how you could determine the exact value of (sec 7pi/6) if you know the value of (sin 11pi/6). Prove with diagrams.I've no idea how to do this question that's worth 10 marks.

Trig Identities

Prove1 - sin2x / cosx = sin2x / 2sinxI tried do both LHS and RHS. Got stuck after a step or two.

Trig Identities

Provesec2x = 1 + tan2xI did R.H.S= 1 + sin2x / cos2x= 1 + (1 - cos2x) / (1 - sin2x)= 1 + cot2x= ???I think I'm doing it right, but I don't know how to solve now.

Use the substitute x= tan y to show that

∫1       1     dx =¶  +  1 0  (1+x2)2         8      4

Prove that 1 + sin b - cos b =2sin1/2b cos1/2b +sin1/2b

Prove that 1 +sin b -cos b=2sin 1 b cos 1 b +sin 1 b                                               2          2           2   and hence solve 1 +sin b -cos b =0  0 = <b=<2¶

What is the height of the building?

Jay is 120 meters from the base of a building and Mary is 40 meters from the base of the building. Jay's angle of elevation when looking at the top of the building is X and Mary's is 2X. What is... more

(sin^6 x)/(1- tan^2 x) + (cos^6 x)/(1- cot^2 x)

simplify simplify simplify simplify ...............

Complete the identity: csc(t)(sin(t) + cos(t)) = ?

Complete the identity: csc(t)(sin(t) + cos(t)) = ?

if (1-a^2)sin-2acos=0,prove a^2(1+cos)=1-cos

Prove a^2(1+cos)=1-cos if 1-a^2)sin - 2acos =0

use trigonometric identities to simplify the expression

sec^2(x)-sec^2(x) csc^2(x)

prove identity


Help with Trig Equations

csc2(x/2)=2sec(x) Please help me solve for x.

show that cos(A-B) - cos(A+B) = 2sinA sinB

Anybody have  an idea how to solve that question... think needs to simplify first and use identities to solve.. but cant even start it..   please any help is welcome..

(TanX)-1)/(Tan(X)+1) = (1-cot(X))/(1+cot(X))

Trig Identies


Prove the Trigonometic identity


Directions ask to prove the identity
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