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Turing Trig Expression into Algebraic Expression

I have no idea how to turn this into an algebraic expression, please help ASAP! Please give me tips on how to do this with other trig to algebraic expressions, as I have four problems I am quite... more

Trig Identities

If sinθ=5/13 is in quadrant 2, what is the value of sin(θ+3pi/2)?

Need Help Solving cos -105 with sum or difference identity

The question is cos -105. I know how to do the process for it but for some reason my answer doesn't have the right negatives. I am getting:   √2 + (-√6) --------------         4   The actual... more

Can't Solve -1-√3 * 1-√3 ------- ------ 1+√3 * 1-√3

I am doing sum and difference formulas with sin, cos, and tan. I am doing tan75 with the difference formula.   So tan 120-45   I have all the things found I just don't know how to multiply it... more

9tan(5theta )+1=10

I know that I first subtract 1 to 10 and then divide 9  which gives me one but i am not sure how to use the sum and differences formulas to solve tan(5theta) = 1

Total money made over 2 days, first day is $150 less than second day. How much is made each day?

The total ticket money made over 2 days during at state fair was $575.00. The first day generated $150 less than the second day. How much was made on each day?

Need help with the sum/difference formula?

Im having trouble using the sum/difference formula to simplify the equations below. Help is greatly appreciated     1) cos (π + θ) 2) tan (π/6 + π) 3) sin (π/4 - π/2)   π = "pi"

Jack is 2 times as old as Lacy. 6 years ago the sum of their ages was 18. How old are they now?

Jack is 2 times as old as Lacy. 6 years ago the sum of their ages was 18. How old are they now?

How do i simplify this?

Hi my problem is the following.   Use the sum and difference identity to find the exact value of sine cosine and tangent. 195°=60°+135°   And here is what i... more

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