Michael A.

asked • 06/12/16

Can someone walk me through simplifying sec(?)?^2 * cot(?) * cos(?) =

I thought it'd be  (1 / cos(θ)2) * (1 / tan(θ)) * (cos(θ) / 1)
Which would get you cos(θ) / cos(θ)2 * tan(θ)
And then coming out to 1 / cos(θ) * tan(θ)
but that doesn't make sense cuz these are the multiple choice answers given.
(A) sec θ (B) csc θ (C) sin θ (D) cos θ (E) cot θ
EDIT: So I just realized that cot(θ) can be cos(θ) / sin(θ)
So after redoing the problem I get cos(θ)2 / cos(θ)2 * sin(θ)
Which simplifies out to 1 / sin(θ)  which equals csc(θ)      Can someone confirm this?

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