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How do you find the b in this: y=2x (For graphing)


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Hi Brenna
b is where the line crosses the y axis. You can see this by picking a any number you would like to use for "x." Double it and you have found the y. If you pick x = 0, you will see that y crosses the y axis at )! Cool huh? You can use negative numbers for x, or even x with an exponent and you will never see y crossing the y axis again - only at 0!


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Hi Brenna;
The equation is in the slope-intercept form of...
m is the slope
b is the y-intercept, the value of y when x=0
The fact that b=0 is understood.
When graphing, the line will cross the y-axis at (0,0).
Furthermore, to establish the x-intercept, the value of x when y=0, set y to 0...
When graphing, the line will cross the x-axis at (0,0).
The slope of this line is 2.  Slope is also known as rise-over-run.  It is the change-of-y divided by the change-of-x.  Begin with the point (0,0), move up (positively y) 2 points and to the right (positively x) 1 point.  Then extend the line.