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Story problem in direct and inverse variation algebra

Let a and b be inversely related such that b = 18 when a = 3. Find b when a = 2
Story Problems Algebra 2


Story problem in algebra

A construction company is digging  basement for a house. The length is 45 feet more than the width, and the height is 19 feet less than the width. If the volume of the basement is 24,750 cubic... more


Story problem in algebra 2

The negative of a certain number divided by three more than that number is less than four more than the number. Find the solutions that satisfy this inequality.
Story Problems Alegbra 2


Story problem in algebra

The length of a toy box is two feet more than the width, and the height is 1 foot less than the width. If the volume of the toy box is 8 cubic feet, what are it’s dimensions?
Story Problems Algebra 2


Story problem

A shoe company needs a shoebox that has a volume of 288 cubic inches. If the width of the shoebox needs to be 6 inches less than the length and the height needs to be 8 inches less than the length,... more
Story Problems English Help English Grammar


Can some one help me write a story with these words?

I've been given twenty-four words and only have one or two ideas on what to write. I would like to see what you guys have to say. It's only a short story for ages between 13-15. Here are the... more
Story Problems


Need help on a math story problem

A designer is drawing a scale model of a living room. The scale is such that1/4" on the plan represents 1 foot  in the living room. If the sofa is 6' 8" long, how long is it on the plan
Story Problems


Distance, rate, and time

The current in a stream is 5 mph. Akiva takes a trip upriver and it takes 6 hours. The trip back downriver takes 5 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water?
Story Problems


See question below

Francine and Cheryl received equal scores on a test made up of multiple choice questions and an essay. Francine got 34 multiple choice questions correct and received 14 points for her essay. Cheryl... more


How to solve and what's the answer to the problem?

Colombian  coffee beans cost $5.50 per pound, while Peruvian coffee beans cost $4.25 per pound. We want to mix the beans together so as to produce a 40 pound bag, costing $4.60 per pound. How many... more

What is the standard form of the equation of the circle?

The figure to the right indicates that a university is located 3.2 miles west and 3.6 miles south of the center of the city. A seismograph on the campus shows that a small earthquake occurred.The... more
Story Problems


what is the answer and how do I solve this problem

The population of an octopus increased by 2% from 2000-2003. If the population was at 2,000,000 on dec 31 2003, then what would the population have been on Jan 1 2000? Round to the nearest thousand.

How do you solve this problem and what does the answer end up being?

A stamp collection consists of 8-cent, 13-cent and 18 cent stamps. The number of 8-cent stamps is twice the number of 18-cent stamps. There are 3 more 13-cent stamps than 18-cent stamps. The total... more
Story Problems


finding income based on income tax

your income between 38000 and 92000.  Your income tax is $5700 plus 28% if the amount over 38100.  If your tax bill is $12,112, What was your income?
Story Problems


Word problem, please help solve

Chuck and Dana agree to meet in Chicago. Chuck travels 208 miles in the same time Dana travels 192 miles. If chuck's rate of speed is 4 mph more than danas, and they travel the same length of time,... more
Story Problems


story problem

a rectangular solar collector has a width of 10.3ft and a length of 18.2ft. how many watts can this collector generate if the collector can generate 12.5 watts per square ft.
Story Problems


A pound of cashews sells for $6.00 per pound and a pound of peanuts sells for $3.00 per pound. If you would like to make a 5 pound mixture of peanuts and cashew

A pound of cashews sells for $6.00 per pound and a pound of peanuts sells for $3.00 per pound. If you would like to make a 5 pound mixture of peanuts and cashews at a cost of $5.00 per pound, how... more
Story Problems


each lap around the track is 1-4 of a mile.If Dawson runs 7 laps , how many miles has he run ?

is is about fractions and their receprocals 1-4 is a fraction
Story Problems


A 42 inch board is cut into two peices to that One piece is 3 inches longer than twice the length of the other piece. How long is the other piece

i must know the setup, equation, and answer
Story Problems Algebra


algebra 2 high school

A plane goes 47 miles north and 99 miles west it then turns 123 miles back. How many degrees did it turn?
Story Problems


Find 2 numbers whose difference is 40 and whose product is a minimum.

We are working on the quadratic formula
Story Problems


A 45-inch board is cut into two pieces. One piece is two times the length of the other. Find the lengths of the two pieces.

Need the short piece  and the long piece as answers  
Story Problems


If u jave 320,000,000 people in the united statesn california is home to 50,000,000 of them what percentage of the population lives in california

If there are 320,000,000 people in the U.S. n 50,000,000 of those people reside in California. What percentage of the population resides in California

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