Ed R.

asked • 04/10/13

Wright a story

I need help weighting a story using my spelling words

Carolyn C.

Hi, Ed! It's hard to know how to help you with story ideas if I don't know what some of your spelling words are. This is my suggestion. Can you see how your spelling words relate to each other? Look at what types of words they are. Are any of them verbs, which tell actions, such as "walk", "play", "jump"? Those are the words that will describe WHAT happens in the story. Are there words that name objects , or people, for instance, "mountain", "house", "boy", "teacher"? These words tell you WHO or WHAT, will do the actions in your story. then there are the words that tell you HOW these objects/people will do those actions. These words will be the adverbs, such as, "quickly", "terribly", or "helpfully". Finally, there could be words that describe HOW THINGS LOOK, FEEL, TASTE, or SMELL. These words are the descriptive words, called adjectives. Examples of this are "blue", "smelly", "funny", etc. I hope this helps!



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Carolyn C. answered • 04/10/13

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Carolyn C.

I forgot to mention, that if you don't know what the spelling words mean, of course you would have to look them up in a dictionary. If you have access to the internet, put the word in the Google search bar, and Google will give you an easy to understand definition, as well as tell you whether the word is a noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Good luck!



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