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Why do so many people interpret logistic regression results (especially the "odds ratios") differently?

When reading journal articles or textbooks explaining logistic regression results, authors explain odds ratios differently and it's very confusing to the readers. Why is that? Is there a better way... more


When should you use an ANOVA statistical design?

Which method should I use to utilize my data in SPSS?

I have a dataset that I need to utilize for my dissertation, but I was not sure which method to utilize the data. Therefore, I need help!My study is comparing pretest scores, midtest scores (after... more
Spss Statistics


Comparing two Likert instruments in SPSS

I used two Likert instruments to measure stress on one sample, and would like to compare the two instruments in SPSS. I am unsure of the method to do this.Thank you


Which Graph to use for T-test data SPSS

T-test assignment requires a graph to show the differences between two groups (male and female) and their respective job satisfaction.

Is it possible to run ANOVA on this data?

I am requesting your guidance on analysing some data. This is data that was collected to determine the levels of concentration of Toluene in soil samples at a petroleum refinery. The hypothesis of... more


Need to contact Lindsay SPPS tutor

I requested a session for today at 7.30 pm ET, not sure if it wen though. Please advise.My mobile is *****Thanks,Katiuska D
Spss Statistics


Which statistical test should I use to analyze the data?

I have ordinal data with a five-point Likert scale from strongly disagree to strongly agree. The frequency data of performance shows that 4 people represents very negative , 11 people represents... more

Association between more than 3 categorical variables using SPSS

Hi!I need to do explore if there is association btw these 3 variables:-profession-gender-opinion on vaccination I am using SPSS, but I am not sure how best to do it. Any suggestion how to do it? I... more
Spss Statistics


What is the most suitable statistical test for nominal and ordinal data?

I have nominal data (American, Non-American) and ordinal data (5 Likert scale, the obstacles employees might face at work). I would like to know if non-American faces more obstacles at the... more


What Statistical Test do I use (SPSS)

I want to work out if the answer that two different programs produces are within an acceptable limit. Do I do a correlation or an ANOVA

what are the Implications of a study that found a negative correlation between happiness and academic achievement?

I have conducted a multiple regression analysis for a dissertation looking a the relationship between academic achievement and happiness, and academic achievement and self-esteem. The results were... more


has tempereture affected gas use over time

Which statistical test should be applied to determine if temperature over a set period of time has affected gas use in three separate scenarios

Research statistics question

I’m a research student and I have to do a statistical test for this project in SPSS. Basically I had people take three surveys that were scored, and I’m trying to see if there is a difference... more


Refund for the tutoring session 10/09/2020

I wanted to get my refund for yesterday tutoring session because the tutor was very rude and kept yelling at me.
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Kenji earns $32 in 4 hours. How much does he earn per hour?


What is an Analysis of Variance and why are they done.

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) are done when you have more than 2 groups you are comparing. There are different types. In a one factor ANOVA you have one independent variable and more than 2... more
Spss Statistics


Doing a statistical t-test to assess if 2 groups are significantly different than each other.

For most frequently used t-tests are paired t-tests and independent-sample t-tests. In a paired t-test one subject is tested twice and that is good as it removes individual differences in an... more


3x2 design analysis

I have a research design where I have two IV's. One is processing type (high and low) and the other one is word load (small, medium and large). I am trying to figure out how to analyze this set. I... more


How to calculate the MEAN of Age Range Variable in SPSS

HiI got age ranges variable string as follows: a. 18 –27 years old b. 28 –37 years old c. 38 –47 years old d. 48 –58 years old e. Above 58 years How to calculate the MEAN of Age in... more


What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable?



What is reliability and how does it impact quantitative research?



What is a ratio measurement scale and when is it used?

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