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Research Methods Sociology


What is the inconsistency between the following evidence and conclusion?

One way to evaluate social science research is to test if a study has sufficient evidence to support the conclusion. What is the inconsistency between the following evidence and... more


Difficulty Formulating Hypothesis - Conflict Between Theoretical Model and Assignment Requirements

Hello! I am currently working on a project for my general linear models class. The requirements of this section are as follows: "The problem should be stated in terms of causality where you are... more
Research Methods Psychology Research


Psychology Question!

A researcher hypothesizes that acupuncture, an ancient Chinese medical practice that involves inserting thin needles in specific places on the body, can allow stressed-out psychology students to... more
Research Methods Research


Assess the reasoning of the researcher.

A researcher reasons that people who read newspapers are likely to be more knowledgeable about personal finance than readers of tabloid newspapers. He interviews 100 people about the newspaper they... more
Research Methods Sampling Social Research


How likely is a researcher going to achieve a representative sample?

A researcher positions herself on a street corner asks 1 person in 5 who walks by to be interviewed. She continues doing this until she has a sample of 250. How likely is she going to achieve a... more
Research Methods Citing Sources Research Project


What is keyword mapping in researching?

Hello, Today, I was taught about keyword mapping in school to help us research better. I didn't understand the whole purpose and the exact way of doing it, and I looked it up online. However,... more
Research Methods Research Research Paper Reading


What are scientific relevance and social relevance of a research?

I am writing a research proposal for my qualitative research project. I was asked to include the scientific and social relevance of this study. How should I explain these in the proposal?  Thank... more
Research Methods


What are the appropriate H0 and Ha for each of the following research studies? In addition, note whether the hypothesis test is one- or two-tailed.

this is a reseach method  question

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