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Parametric Calculus Bc


Find the value of t for which  = 0 for the parametric equations

 Find the value of t for which  = 0 for the parametric equations x = t3 + 6t2 + 9t + 1 and y = 2t3 + 9t2 - 24t + 6. (5 points)answer choices t = 1, t = 3 and t = 4 t = -1 t = -3 t = 1


How do you convert a shifted parametric circle equation to rectangular form?

x=-2cos((1/2)t-(π/2))+23y=2sin((1/2)t-(π/2))+6specifically, how do you separate the stuff inside the cos/sin parenthesis to eliminate a parameter? I find all kinds of solved simple circle... more


Need to solve a parametric equation with two quartic equations including a non-integer exponent.

Currently I have a parametric equation:x=9T+1.8T2-4.5T4y=15+30T-45T2+12T2.7-.5T4T, [0,1.3655196]I need to find an equation which directly related y to x. I really can't find anything online and... more


A triangle in space is defined by the points P = (1,1,2), Q = (−1,0,3) and R = (2,1,−1).   Find a vector form and the parametric equations for the equation of the line passingthrough P and... more
Parametric Cartesian


Is there a formula that can convert a parametric equation into a Cartesian equation? If there was one, what would be it's implications?

Is there a formula that, upon entering a parametric equation, can output the Cartesian solution to that parametric equation? I ask because some parametric equations are impossible to convert using... more

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