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How best to count bees entering and leaving a hive to measure hive activity?

This is my first question here, so I apologize for all mistakes I could have possibly made. I'm a high school student in East-Central Europe and I need to complete some research for a biology... more
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ANCOVA Question

Do you have to use ANCOVA for treatments? Can I use them for public data? For example... DV=School performance scores, IV = High/Med/Low Group Rates of drug use by county(groups, not continuous... more


Which statistical analysis should I use for this design?

I'm writing a research proposal for a study involving two independent variables (3 levels to each) and three dependent variables. The IVs are Caffeine dosage (0, 300mg, 600mg) and Sleep (0 hrs, 4... more
Research Design


Is IQ test scores considered interval scale?

Clarification:   Is IQ test scores considered interval scale?-What type of research design is the strongest when I what to adopt a new educational program? Using a pre-test and post-test with... more

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