Asked • 03/13/19

The concept behind prefixes & verbs in the Russian language?

I recently finished the whole concept behind the verbs of motion in the Russian language. Putting a different prefix in front of the verb changes the meaning so to speak. по в / вы под / от при / у с / рас про / пере за / обо доSo in the past I learned of course other verbs like `read`, `drink` and `eat` for example. I hadn’t understood why they would have different prefixes and what this would mean. So I just wrote them in my textbook and used them.Now I’m aware of mostly all this prefixes I think yet I’m really doleful about the fact that I mostly have to learn every verb from the beginning right? Anyway, I’m struggling here right now. I notice more and more verbs from day to day which have the same stem but a different prefix.In the past I would only now `пить` for `to drink` and I have to learn the same verb with each of these prefixes. This fact really removes energy from me and I would like to know what is the best practice to learn all those other verbs, besides the verbs of motions, with all the prefixes?I learned that `to drink up` would be `выпивать / выпить`. From the prefix `вы-` I could conclude logically that is means something like `to go out / out`, so therefore it can be `drink something up`. попить впить / выпить подпить / отпить припить / упить спить / распить пропить / перепить запить / обопить допитьHow is one supposed to learn all the meanings?

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