Asked • 03/13/19

Whether to use the perfective "справиться" or the imperfective "справляться"?

In conversation, I just said:>Чтобы ты **управляла** лодкой? Еще чего! Ты еще не в силах **справиться** с ней в одиночку!Looking back on it, I guess I picked the perfective "справиться", thinking that steering a boat (**even once**) was beyond her. But given that I used the imperfective "управлять", I wonder if the imperfective "справляться" might have been a better fit?Then again, "управлять" doesn't have its perfective counterpart to begin with, I suppose. So it might not affect the choice of "справиться" vs "справляться". I haven't learnt Russian grammar methodically, so I might be missing out on some ground rules for verb aspects that I'm not aware of here.

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Yelena F.

You TUTOR I agree with Anna. The use of the perfective form is the best choice. The context is also important in this example you gave: the situation is about some specific action, probably one-time action. However, if it was about lasting, permanent action in future, for example, if this person was going to be hired to do that job on a permanent basis, the imperfective form could be used: "Ты не будешь (или - не сможешь) справляться с лодкой, (потому что ты недостаточно сильная).


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