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Rates Interest


How much interest will you pay? How much will the car actually cost you after interest

You just borrowed $23,450 to purchase a Toyota Corolla. The interest is compounded annually at 1.5%. You have three years to pay back the loan.
Rates Rate


Gabriel can finish a packet of cereal in 6 days. The next packet of identical cereal he shares with his sister Sheila, and the two of them take 4 days to finish

Gabriel can finish a packet of cereal in 6 days. The next packet of identical cereal he shares with his sister Sheila, and the two of them take 4 days to finish the packet. If Sheila alone had been... more


Cola is on sale at six bottles for $3.99. Each bottle contains 710 mL of the drink. What is the price per 100 mL when purchased this way?

I’m not sure how to do this question. It is on a challenge page I have and i’d like to figure it out.


Rates question

Daim can walk at 4 km/h and ride his bike at 20 km/h. He takes 24 minutes less when he rides his bike from his house to the school than he walks. What is the distance, in km, from his house to the... more


Yolanda and Yoko ran in a 100-yd dash...

a. Yolanda and Yoko ran in a 100-yd dash. When Yolanda crossed the finish line in 15 seconds. Yoko was 10 yards behind her. The girls then repeated the race. With Yolanda starting 10 yards behind... more

Rates and derivatives

While you were out cross country skiing, you make a perfectly shaped spherical snowball. Unfortunately the temperature increases and the volume of your snowball decreases at a rate of -1cc/min. At... more


I work two jobs and get paid 11.50 per hour at one and 9.65 per hour at the other. Combining both jobs, what do I get paid hourly ?

I work 8 hour shifts every day at both jobs and ONLY on the weekends do I get paid 9.65. I'm really bad at math lol If I calculate the average it's only $10, which doesn't seem right and that's not... more


Problems involving rates

A new underground holding tank for storm runoff is going to be built. The new tank will be similar to the current tank. The interior dimensions of the current tank are 100m by 30m by 50m. Engineers... more


What is the amount of fuel used by the car on the journey?

a car left at 9:35 am and arrived at 1:05pm on the same day. The average speed of the car was 74 km/h and it used fuel at the rate of 9L/100km


last week, tenisha paid $65.72 for 62kg of potatoes for her restaurant. today, the price of the potatoes is $0.02/kg lower.

how much will tenisha pay for 50 kg of potatoes today


After knee surgery John walks 1/4 mile in each 1/6 hour, find the rates using a model.

It needes to be answered in a model


it costs R24 for a pack of 12 pencils. How much will 1 cost?

it is a rate question 


Ferris Wheel Rate

The height above the ground in feet of a certain seat on a ferris wheel is given by the following equation:   h(t)= 25+20cos(π/4)*(t-2) (that is a pi symbol over the 4) where t represents the... more
Rates Ratios Ratio


Rates and ratio problems

Amy needs 1 hour to do a certain job. Her dad can do the same job in 30 min. How many minute will it take them to do the job of they work together at given rates?
Rates Math


Rates, Miles per Hour

Kent drives his Mazda 416 miles in the same time that it takes Dave to drive his Nissan 360 miles. If Kent averages 7 miles per hour faster than Dave, find their rates.


Work and rate

adults can do a job twice as fast as children. If X adults can complete a job in d days, how many children can do the same job in d+2 days? Answer in terms of d and X  


the cost of a long distance call lasting 4 minutes and 20 seconds is $ 23.40.At this rate what was the cost of a call lasting 6 minutes 30 seconds

this is a question about rate and is of level 6.please give me detailed explantion,i need it. thankyou


How many gallons were consumed by each of the two cars that week?

A family has two cars. The first car has a fuel efficiency of 15 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon of gas. During one particular week, the two cars... more


the direct material cost of manufacturing a product is $103.95, direct labour cost is $46.20 an overhead is $57.75

A)what is the percent content of each element of cost in the product? B) what is the overhead percentage rate based on direct labour   A) the percent rate for material cost is ___% The percent... more


what is the average speed

Padre drives 2 hours  at average speed of 35 miles per hour.  Then she drives 3 hours at a speed of 48 miles per hour. What is her average speed of the whole trip 


will cycles at a speed of 15 miles per hour

Will cycles 15 miles per hour he cycles 12 miles from home to school. .if he increases his cycling speed by 5 miles per hour how much faster would he reach school 

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